It’s the Christmas season and our feed is teeming with gift suggestions that are mainly dominated by cookies. It seems like the easiest choice because who doesn’t like cookies? It’s such a safe bet.

But since the market is saturated by these nibbles in different forms from chewy to crispy and basic to artisan, one might ask, what makes a good cookie? Of course, there’s no one answer to this as every individual would have his/her own preference. But for us, it’s the one you won’t mind breaking your diet for. As my sister would say, “yung di sayang sa calories.” (not a waste of calories)

Yes, the ones that are just so good, you can forget about everything. This literally happened to us when we chanced upon The Queen Baker at the Good Trade Fair. We were just looking around and stopped at her booth for some free taste (guilty!). But when we saw their interesting flavors, we decided to buy a couple of cookies as a snack. One Single Origin cookie for me, and one Corn Flake cookie for my husband for only PhP 40.00 a piece. I was surprised because they were “expensive looking” cookies that I was ready to walk away when we asked for the price.

My cookie fix from The Queen Baker at The Good Trade Fair

So we bought ours and started eating. As we were agreeing that they’re seriously good, the seller later caught up with us and asked if we paid. We forgot! We were so embarrassed we went up to the next floor. But then, it was too good that we decided to brave the awkwardness and came back to get a pack–and actually pay. Sadly, our flavors of choice were sold out in a matter of minutes.

So Who’s the “Queen” in The Queen Baker?

For Hale and her two sisters, baking cookies were just a family movie night staple, until they toyed with the idea of selling them in 2015. Since they all share the same love for this baked comfort, it was easy for them to experiment on flavors (particularly getting inspiration form what kids eat).

The Queen B and the team

The passion project was a sibling team effort where one bakes, one in charge of social media, and one who did the selling. After taking off, the business went on a hiatus due to personal commitments. But even so, people kept on asking for their cookies so they were compelled to bake again. Today, one of their siblings is already abroad yet their collaboration is still intact as if they’re never really miles apart.

A box of their best selling S’mores and Single Origin Cookies

One of the things that intrigued us was their name. Mark even asked, “Are you the queen?” “No.” Hale answered with a laugh. We later found out that the name was a tribute to their mom, Becca, whom they sometimes call “Queen B”. “She’s a great cook and taught us to be comfortable in the kitchen and not rely on Googled recipes.”

For them, the baking rule is simple—sell cookies that they would buy and eat themselves. The “Queen Baker was established so that we can share the love and passion we have for cookies to other people. A cookie, for me, represents that home-y feeling, so I wouldn’t want to sell cookies that I wouldn’t eat myself.”

They have a range of flavors and some are quite interesting such as the Bacon Cookies.

My favorite: The Single Origin Cookie
Their cookies are chewy with large chunks of chocolates.

One of their best sellers is the S’mores. It’s baked with marshmallows in the center and blocks of chocolate. A non-messy take on the well-loved campfire snack.

The S’mores cookie

Tip: pop it in the microwave for a few seconds for to achieve that gooey marshmallow texture.

Gooey marshmallow at the center!

It’s also nice to know that every time The Queen Baker participates in a bazaar, part of their profit goes to their choice of charitable organization.

Get your cookie fix from The Queen Baker for your snacks stash or as gifts! It won’t disappoint!

How to Order: 

Visit The Queen Baker’s Instagram and Facebook page and fill up their order form: 

  1. Fill up their order form: 
  2. Visit their Instagram (@thequeenbaker) or Facebook page (The Queen Baker) and inform them you’ve ordered.
  3. Wait for their confirmation

You may choose to have your cookies through meet up: 

-BGC (weekdays)

-Las Pinas (weekends)

They can also send them via Grab Express or Lalamove.

10 replies on “Hail to The Queen Baker

  1. I always eat cookies but now its new because of the marshmallow in the center,cravingggg for this😍😍😍
    Ig: Iameunesse


  2. I want! Your description makes me crave for cookies.

    I would also love to try baking but time won’t permit. I always admire people who can bake really well.

    Thanks for Mommy Abi for sharing a very inspiring story behind the success of Queen B. It’s a proof that moms are really queens and that it takes love and passion for a business to succeed

    Would love to try their cookies! Kakagutom! 😊😃


  3. Wow! When I read it and saw the pictures, waaaah I waaaant to try it now, as in now! It really looks so yummy! 😍😍 I’m craving! 🤤🤤🤤


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