I think we can speak on behalf of most parents when we say that cleaning has taken a whole different light the moment kids came into the picture. We’ve never been as concerned with cleanliness and sanitation until our son was born. We’ve taken out dust collector items, developed a sharp eye for bugs and debris, and are more aware of the presence of germs in every surface. All we want is to eliminate the hazards that can pose harm to our baby.

So, the quest in finding products that are effective, safe, and if possible, can make the job easier is perhaps a lifelong endeavor (did I really say endeavor?). One discovery has solved it for us in the name of Kurin.

There’s a Kurin for everything.

On our first encounter with Kurin, we were puzzled about how it could do a proper cleaning because it’s “just water”. But there were so many before and after photos about how it works so we were intrigued and wanted to try it for ourselves.

“Kurin” is Japanese way for saying clean. As of date, Kurin is the greenest and safest cleaning agent in the market being made of almost 100% water that’s highly alkanized. It is a cleaner, sanitizer, degreaser, and remover of odors.       

The Anatomy of Kurin Water

(Description from the website)

Kurin is high alkaline pure water with pH of around 12-13.1 and it is produced by electrolysis of tap water being filtered and purified by the Reverse Osmosis process.

How it works

Simply put, this high alkaline pure water penetrates and breaks down dirt faster. Here’s the science behind it: Kurin is water with small water molecules that can penetrate faster into the dirt and break it down. It also can penetrate faster into the space between the dirt and the object surface causing separation of the dirt from the object surface. When the surface of the two particles of dirt are covered with negative ions, they tend to repel from each other and caused separation.

How we’re using Kurin Water at home

Each home will have its own concerns, and we want to share with you how it worked for us.

  1. Degreasing oily utensils

Don’t you just hate it whenever you use a plastic container and you have to wash it a couple of times to get the grease out? We use plastic utensils for Tikoy for safety and this has been our common problem. Of course, we don’t use harsh dishwashing liquids for this and the natural ones sometimes requires us to do it all over again. But with Kurin, we sprayed it once, wiped it off, and it’s squeaky clean. It eliminated one (or more) step of work!

Before (top), After (bottom)
  1. Cleaning cable cords

White cable cords of laptops and phones are very challenging to clean. We usually use baby wipes or damp cloth with some liquid detergent to do the job. But the sticky feel that we get after using these cleaning materials is a constant letdown. With Kurin All-Purpose Cleaner, not only were our white cable cords cleaner and whiter after only a few wipes, but we also noticed that the sticky feel was no longer there!

Before (top), After (bottom)
  1. Quick cleaning Tikoy’s  potty

Tikoy uses a plastic potty and it has to be washed as often as it is used, and let me tell you, it can be consuming at times specially when he poops but with Kurin, we flush out the stuff, rinse, spray the surface with Kurin Bathroom, and rinse or wipe it off. No odor, and kills bacteria.

  1. Cleaning and deodorizing the microwave 

We heavily use our microwave and it can be easily neglected. So we tried to use Kurin Kitchen on our appliance and it quickly deodorized it. We had to do it a couple of times to thoroughly get the grease and other dirt that has been sitting there for a while but it surely did the job!

  1. Making a fruit and vegetable wash

If there’s one fruit that we stock up on, it would be lemons. We use it for fruit-infused water, iced tea, mushroom pasta, and other home recipes. And since lemons are usually freshly squeezed on most of our food, we make sure that it is clean. We’re happy when we saw Kurin Fruits and Vegetables and tried it to a batch of lemons.

Prepare a bowl of tap water
We sprayed Kurin Fruits & Vegetables all over each lemon and then dunked it on the bowl of tap water. Drain afterwards.
  1. Cleaning jewelry

Our wedding rings easily accumulate dirt because it’s always worn. While there are many services that offer jewelry cleaning, you can skip the trip to the cleaner by soaking your valuables in an ample amount of Kurin. Leave it for a few minutes, shake it and wipe. It’s like magic!

We soaked the rings for a few minutes in an ample amount of Kurin All Purpose
After wiping it off. It’s like magic!
  1. Removing marker stains

Tikoy has started writing on surfaces and it’s great that Kurin can remove it without damaging its color. Other removers contain alcohol which in turn, bleaches the colors away. We use it on the toys he wrote on and it was removed in 2 tries! It sure is handy for toddler years.

Good as new!

What we love about it

It’s safe on the skin

Since it’s made out of 99.98 pure water and food grade Potassium Carbonate, it’s not harsh on the skin. Abi developed a bad skin reaction to dishwashing liquids and detergent and so we try to keep away from using them. With Kurin, she can go through these chores and not trigger any reaction.

It’s safe for the environment

We’ve always wanted to do our part by having sustainable practices at home and Kurin minimizes our share of detergent on the water ways.

Here’s our unboxing video for Kurin

It’s easy to spray

This may be a minor thing, but Kurin’s spray glides smoothly (if that’s the proper term) whenever you spray it.

It’s easy to use

It has a travel size bottle

We like being ready for anything but we also try not to break our backs with the diaper bag. Kurin’s pocket sized bottle is perfect for traveling!

This pocket size is a nice gift idea as well.

It comes with a detailed instruction manual

With its so many uses, it can be overwhelming to try and figure out how and where to use it. Kurin gives a simple yet comprehensive guide with the Kurin Manual. We like that it’s not intimidating or too wordy as you would expect.

Where to get them: 

43 replies on “Kurin Review: An Effective and Safe Everyday Cleaner

  1. waaah i wanna try! Riley is starting to draw crayons on things too, and so very affordable price! where can i get this gold?😃


    1. Kurin is amazing. I want to try all of this. 😍 it would be helpful since my son starting to Learn writing, mostly on our walls 😅 hahaha


  2. Wow! Thank you for this very informative article.

    I am always amazed on the kurin power. A very versatile cleaning essentials that we need at home.

    This product is so great especially for a mom like me with a 1 year and 7 mos. old daughter. I must ensure that every single piece of her toy is clean and also all the the stuffs around her.

    I’ve been hearing lots of positive reviews about this product and I would love to experience its quality.

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful product review, Daddy Mark.


  3. Done joining your year end giveaway , hopefully manalo . Nag-enjoy po ako sa pagbabasa ng blog ninyo , napaka-informative po . Napakalaking tulong po nito sa kagaya kong may anak na . Masisiguro ko ang kaligtasan ng aking anak sa pamamagitan ng tamang pagamit ng kagamitang pangkalinisan.


    1. Wanna try the magic of KURIN too! 2mos. palang si little one ko pero I wanna make sure na clean and safe yung nakasurround sa kanya. Maagang nagnebulizer yung baby ko dahil daw sa lamig sabi ni Doc. but to make it sure, dapat malinis talaga kung ano man yung nakapaligid kay l.o kasi mahirap na. – princess_apreal


  4. I already bought Kurin fruits and veggies. And loving it. Everyday me and 3 kids (+hubby pa pala) eat apple or grapes or pear. I like how it cleaned by Kurin. Bawas na yung fear na baka may chemical residue pabg naiwan sa fruit. Will order the all-purpose next. I wish to get all na kaso di pa kaya, one at a time lang muna. Thank you MarkXAbi for for this informative article.


  5. Grabe super galing talaga ng kurin! Everyone needs a kurin in their house. This is really recommended 😊 thank you mommy for the great review 😊😊


  6. Wow. I’ve been seeing Kurin and really want to try it. Thank you very much for this not just knowledgeable information but full of wisdom 💓 Thank you for being generous in having giveaways. ❤ Hope me and my baby will be lucky ones. Happy Holidays to your lovely family. Godbless you more ❤❤❤


  7. I am super amazed sa Kurin water. Ang daming uses and super safe and effective pa.. Definitely will try this product for the safety of my family especially sa tatlo Kong anak. Thank you for sharing po..


  8. Read a lot of blogs about this..and i really love to try this one esp. to me na super praning pagdating sa twin girls ko.They love to chew their toys and also pag lumalabas kami pinapaupo ko sila sa high chair na pambata i always spray alcohol and wipe it. I will definitely love to try this kurin water 🙂


  9. Wow! Kurin water is really impressive! Hope to try these with my little one’s toys and to make some of our stuff look brandnew again


  10. i have read a lot of good reviews about this amazing product,super bagay sa praning mom like me na i always have to clean ng ng bagay n gagamitin ng twin daughter ko.Ever since my daughters just got an HMFD mas naging maingat na ko lalo na pag nasa public place kami.I would really love to try Kurin 😊


  11. This is a must try. Thanks for sharing this to us specially on how you used it. I am lucky to have one of it and be able to try it at home. This is perfect specially we have 2 babies at home, this would be safe for them lalo na sa pag clean ng gamit or toys nila.

    IG: @cassiebrie


  12. Wow. It does a lot! I hope o could try one too! Does it remove stains on walls too? My baby made our bedroom wall like a canvas 😅 that’s why my hubby can’t repaint unless all the writings are removed 🙈


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