We were packing for a short trip to Cebu when I realized that ¾ of our luggage was taken up by Atticus’s stuff, especially his diapers. We would have opted to buy in the area but since we were attending a destination wedding, we’re not entirely sure if there will be any available. It wasn’t something we could take lightly because it’s such a necessity. My wife was already trying to “travel light” by not overdoing the diaper count, just enough and a couple to spare, but it still took up so much space. So pack we did, and as we went home, the over baggage of diapers was still on my mind.

To give you an idea, we are day-users (if there’s such a thing) of cloth diapers. We love how our baby never had rashes and how environmentally and financially sustainable it is, but we still use disposable diapers at night and whenever we travel because:

  1. Sleep is important. We didn’t want to disturb our baby’s sleep by frequent changes at night.
  2. Convenience. Using cloth diapers outside means that we still need to lug the used ones about. We commute, and having to worry about added items will be too much.

So when I was scrolling through Instagram and saw Ultrafresh Diapers, a new ultra thin diaper in the market, I sent a screenshot right away to Abi.


As of writing, UltraFresh is only available online through their Facebook and Instagram page, and Carousell.ph. The price is a little lower than the previous brand we were using. I would not entirely say that it is cheap. It’s affordable for those who buy diapers in the mid-range price.


During our recent trip to Hong Kong, we were excited to bring the diaper with us because we wanted to pack light during the whole day “walkathons” to see the sites. And since the diapers are ultra thin, we were able to free up some space for some other items in our diaper bag.


2mm thinness

“Ultra-thin, like a napkin?” My wife blurted out when she learned about Ultrafresh. We think the brand has empathized differently with babies to come up with this feature. As my wife related, sitting on a thick sanitary pad can be uncomfortable, so we can assume the same can apply to diapers, except it takes on so much more from our pee and poo machine. Needless to say, this diaper is lightweight, which is quite freeing for us who carry diaper bags for hours.

Flexibility accommodates to baby’s free movements

Since the diaper is thin, it goes well with our baby’s movements instead of him adjusting to the bulky diaper between his legs. This, they say, can prevent bow-leggedness.


High elastic waistband & cloth like back sheet

We have had funny  incidents with Atticus where he loses his pants together with his diaper for moving so much. The brand we have been using had about 2 inches of waistband, while Ultrafresh has almost 3 inches that really stretches. This secures it on despite our baby’s movement.


Other features

  • High absorbency and a fast acting ultra dryness layer.
  • Suitable for day & night use.
  • Keeps skin dry and gives baby more care
  • Re-attachable magic tapes

Our Takeaways

  1. There is no single diaper that will suit your babies’ needs, your budget and desired features. We suggest that you start trying out some brands and see what works for you and your baby.
  2. When switching to new diapers, your baby may experience some rashes and discomfort due to adjusting. Just like new shoes, the baby needs to “break-in” into new diapers. Nappy creams are friends, moms!
  3. More than just being light on the luggage, I think what is important for us is that baby also feels lighter with this new diaper.

Where to Buy

Shopee: Click here

Lazada: Click here.

9 replies on “Ultrafresh Diapers: More Than Just an Ultra Thin Diaper

  1. This sure looks interesting! First time to hear this brand and it’s good to have fore knowledge on this para sa future vacays. Hihi 😊 Thank you for sharing!! – @lalatellano


  2. This sure looks interesting! First time to hear this brand and it’s good to have fore knowledge on this para sa future vacays. Hihi 😊 Thank you for sharing!! – @lalatellano


  3. I’ve been looking fo a perfect diaper for my baby Yra recently, quality yet affordable… nakakatuwa na timing talaga nakita ko po yung review nyo. I checked it out agad and super lucky SALE po sila today!!! SOBRANG SAYA ko… sana makuha ko agad para ma try ko kay baby ko para mag hoard ako while sale sila. I am just hoping na magkaroon na sila ng Diaper Pants Soon 🥰🥰🥰


  4. So cool diaper! 😍 I haven’t tried this yet to my baby.. Ang ganda ng features nya, I really want to try this too .☺


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