The three things that we consider when buying baby products for Atticus are functionality, minimalism and if it sparks joy. The first time we saw Tiny Bud’s Tiny Garden on their online store, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it.


It is functional.

When Atticus started eating solid food, we realized that we need to allocate space for his utensils near the kitchen sink. After sterilizing, the baby bottles and other feeding utensils need to be air-dried to remove moisture.


This Tiny Garden drying rack perfectly caters to our needs as it can hold all the utensils and at the same time contain the excess water on the bottom tray.


When we were still looking at the product online, we thought that it’s cute with those grass blades but we also wondered how on earth can we clean those things. Abi and I were very happy when we saw that the grass pieces can be removed from the tray and can be washed easily.


Also, we thought that the grass blades would be shorter in the actual product. We were surprised that they have a height of 2.25 inches (about 5.70 centimeters) which is high enough to properly hold the baby bottles. True enough, when we tried, we thought it was smartly-designed.


It has a minimalist design.

While we have no problems with bright colors on baby products, we prefer the “less is more” adage both for the number of color combinations or add-ons (like a gazillion stickers). This Tiny Garden is such a pretty addition to the kitchen as it’s only in bright apple green and white.


Also, if you’re the kind of parent who is particular on how a baby’s drying rack will complement your kitchen’s theme then having the Tiny Garden wouldn’t be much of  a problem since it just looks like a potted plant.

It sparks joy.

Whenever we look at the baby things that Atticus has outgrown, we always think if it’s for giving away or for keeps. This Tiny Garden is surely for keeps as we can think of a number of ways to use it even when our baby doesn’t use baby bottles anymore.


Lastly, having a drying rack that looks like a garden can brighten anyone’s day and evidently sparks joy.

Our Takeaways

  • As of writing, the Tiny Garden comes in one size only ( 9.5 x 9.5 inches). So, if you want a bigger drying rack, you have to buy another piece. I hope one day they will release a bigger version of this.
  • The drying rack does not have a cover. So, after a few minutes of drying the utensils, you can transfer the utensils to a sealed container.
  • Keep it out of reach of children because the blades are a bit pointy.
  • We like that the grass blades are not evenly spaced so it gives a natural look to it.


How to Order

You can buy the Tiny Garden online at their official website or at Lazada or Shoppee.


Disclosure: The bloggers would like to thank Tiny Buds Baby Naturals for the complimentary Tiny Garden. Even so, they maintain full editorial control of this product review.

33 replies on “A Tiny Garden for Your Baby Utensils

  1. This product is amazing…its very helpful for us mommies to provide a space for babies items esp feeding bottles…great friendly!


  2. First time i see this tinybuds tiny garden iknow its perfect for my LO.. his now started eating solid foods so all his utensils is fits and perfectly hold its very helpful to remove all excess water.. aside from that tiny garden has unique design and its easy to approved… moms love it too.


  3. Love you blog! It’s so detailed and has everything I need to know about this products. Tiny Buds Tiny Garden is a must as it is big enough to carry my son’s feeding bottles, manual pump, his teethers and pacifiers. It’s aesthetic and minimalist design is also a plus! ❤️ I’m also into travel-friendly baby stuff! ❤️ Hoping to win one for my turning 6 months old baby ❤️


  4. I would love to try this Tiny Buds Garden Baby Bottle Drying Rack i see it super adorable and versatile. My baby using tiny buds since now and then and I love it. ❤ more power 🤞


  5. Love how unique their drying rack, it’s minimalist design as it adds accent in our house and how straight forward the product is. My husband used to wash the feeding essentials , surely he will love this 🙂


  6. The Tiny Buds’ Tiny Garden has a unique design for drying our babies’ utensils and bottles. Its design allows different baby items to dry up even if with unusual shape. It is cute and doesn’t take up much space on our counters.


  7. The drying rack is simple to use and easy to clean! Perfect for a working mom like me. Hope I can win this for my baby!

    IG: kitkatchan


  8. What i love about Tiny Buds is how they innovate products that helps us Moms in our daily life with our children 🙂 This Tiny BUds garden is a great help for us in keeping bottles and utensils in one place 🙂

    IG: @gencgarcia


  9. Aside from the cute design, I love how functional and space saving tiny buds garden is. I want to win this for my nephew who is a 34 weeker. He is feed thru bottles and I can see how hassle for my sister to arrange them.


  10. What I like about the Tiny Buds Tiny Garden: “It is perfect and flexible enough to hold all the bottles and baby accessories… and most of all it is Made from Anti-Bacterial Plastic and 100% BPA Free & Non-Toxic”


  11. I like this tiny garden because it’s so useable and it hold up to 10bottles and I can use this also in my baby’s utensils to dry here perfectly. I think this would be such a great thing to use.


  12. hello po. sorry di ko po alam kung nasent na po ung isa kong comment. ulitin ko.nlng po 🙂 ayun po first time ko po sumali sa giveaway nyo and wla pa po kong natry sa tinybuds products pero nkikita ko na po sa fb at website nla. 🙂 gstong gsto ko itry products nla dahil 100% sure akong safe at good sla sa babies and sympre tayong parents gusto ntn sulit at maganda gamitin. sana po palarin at baka manalo mraming slamat po! 🙂


  13. I love its versatility! I love the design and how the color pops on a dull countertop. Not only I can dry baby bottles but also other stuff, talk about efficiency.


  14. It does truly spark joy! I like all tiny buds products but what I liked most about their tiny garden aside from the fact that it looks adorable is that it’s economical. I’m currently using a UV sterilizer when drying out baby bottles and utensils. It uses electricity so i’ve been looking for ways to dry out bottles safely while saving energy. Hoping to win! @mommyerikajane


  15. My husband and I loves tinybuds’ products because they’re really not harmful for our first baby and they’re not overpriced. Almost all of our baby needs are from tinybuds. I’d love to have one of this tiny garden for our little one because its very useful, maganda as decor na rin sa house. I think madali sya gamitin very useful para nakahiwalay ang bottles ni baby sa pag dry and made from toxic free products ang tiny garden. Hoping to have one of this for our little one. 😉 God bless.


  16. I need this.. Palagi ko itong nakikita kada punta ko ng mall pero cant afford to buy dahil kailangan namin magtipid..maganda ito para sa mga bote ng anak ko.. Sana mapili ako ..more powers and god bless you po


  17. We love Tinybuds products since the day was my daughter born. We love it because It’s natural and not harmful for her. Until now she’s a year old we’re using it. If I were giving a chance to win this I would always love to wash my daughter’s bottles and other utensils and dry it at Tiny Garden.


  18. I love tinybuds products! I really like how they made their products natural and safe for babies and kids.
    I also like to have this tiny garden because I know this is safe and cool after I wash my daughters’ bottles. Plus factor is the design and the color of it. I really like to have this one too.


  19. I would really love to win this as Im now pregnant and ready to pop for my 3rd baby. This will really help me in my journey with my new born to keep his utensils safe and clean from germs!


  20. This tiny buds tiny garden is such an amazing, creative-style and helpful to every moms. It can stack up several bottles or utensils that your baby needs. You can also easily remove the water and easy to clean. Kudos to Tiny Buds for having this creative tiny garden.


  21. Such a coincidence, to be honest po I am a new follower. The first thing about your blog is your baby’s name because it is the same name with my step brother’s niece.
    I find this blog informative and honest because you really bring down the detailed review. I love how stylish this rack is, I think if things a bit mess up it wont matter because of how attractive this rack is. Also I really love tiny buds, They really made motherhood alot easier. ❤️


  22. wow…this is it, the Tiny Buds Tiny Garden for our babies utensils 😍😍 .the unique drying bottle ,i love to win that for my kids, para may safe place to dry ung bottle ng mga babies natin ❤️❤️❤️hope to win


  23. Gusto ko po itong ma-try. Ang ganda nya kasi madali lang syang linisin. At ang daming pwedeng ilagay bukod sa bottles.


  24. Wow… with Tiny Buds Tiny Garden, it will be easy to air dry my baby’s bottles and other utensils. No worries na may possibility na mahulog sa pakakataob yung bottles nila. Galing talaga ng Tiny Buds 🙂


  25. Been dreaming this product of Tiny Buds since day 1. Medyo pricey sya para sa akin kaya can’t afford. Pero tinybudsbaby ang baby ko. From head to toe, tinybuds gamit ko for him. Kahit nga cotton buds,naka tinybuds kami. Ito gusto ko sana bilhin din pero di ko pa talaga keri pa. Kaya sana mapili para kompleto na ang tinybuds ko. Hehe..


  26. this is such a cool and awesome innovation from tinybuds. i that it is in green color, very nature peg parang totoong grass. very unique din na pwede pala sya matanggal, same kami ni mommy ng worry kung panu lilinisin but im happy with this blog na nakita ko na madali lang pla sya imaintain. thumbs up din sa price. very worth it. 🙂

    ig: the_momma_rph


  27. I love all the features!
    ♡100% BPA-free & Non-toxic
    ♡made from anti-bacterial plastic
    ♡2piece, easy to clean
    ♡holds accessories of all shapes and sizes even up to 10 baby feeding bottles
    ♡plus it’s cute and soothing to the eye


  28. Who wouldn’t love this Tiny Buds Tiny Garden drying rack? Aside from having a useful drying rack for our kids’ utensils, it also serves as a cute display in the kitchen/nursery. It warms my heart and eyes because I personally love plants, especially indoor plants. Awesome design and functionality! I do hope that they’ll release a bigger version of the product too for parents who have 2 or more kiddos like me. 😊

    IG: @iamqueda


  29. I’ve been eyeing this product ever since i saw its release on tiny buds website thank you for this blog it makes me want to buy it more🙌. What i love about the tiny buds tiny garden is its price very affordable yet it serves more than its purpose i saw this in person and i love the material used and the quality wow for its price is super okay na 🤗 hope i win this time IG:mommychriz


  30. I love this tiny buds tiny garden drying rack beacuse its very useful especially on my baby bottle.and utensils its not difficult for me to dry thos.thongs and its very very cute.


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