The next big project after the wedding day is immortalizing the memories in an album. To put things in perspective, a wedding album DIY project will take months or in our case, years! 

If you are on the same boat with us but still have a tinge of hope in creating a wedding album, here are some of our tips.


Organize your pictures

The first and most daunting task is organizing your pictures. The number of wedding photos will range from 500 to 3,000. Looking at your digital folder can be overwhelming but you’ve got to start somewhere. Categorize your pictures and place them in folders with appropriate or easy to remember labels. 

This is how our sorted pictures look like.
All the wedding ceremony pictures are placed in a folder called Cherish, which is the name of the venue.

Choose a software that works for you

If you have a working knowledge in Adobe InDesign or other publishing software, then making a photo album is no big deal. But for most of us, an easy to use software (meaning: intuitive interface and responsive templates) is a huge help in finishing this project. So, this is where user-friendly sites like Photobook come into play. Through Photobook Philippines, you can build your wedding album online and have the printed version shipped to your doorstep in less than a week!

You can just drag and drop the photos.




Choose from a wide variety of layouts based on the number of photos per page.
Sample options for 2 photos in a page



Packaging of the album
The album is well-cushioned inside.

Contrast. Contrast. Contrast.

At first, we were tempted to place one photo per page to have a clean and consistent look of the album. However, we realized that it will be too boring and predictable. So we experimented on the different layout options. As self-proclaimed minimalists, we didn’t do anything out of the ordinary- just a strike of  balance in the number of photos per page, which includes a two-page photo spread.




Ensure the quality of your pictures

Make sure you have high-resolution images. Having blurred or pixelated photos should be the least of your concerns in making this project. 



Maximize the use of white space

Your pages need to breathe. Don’t overwhelm your audience with so many pictures or colors in every page. Try using white spaces in some pages.


Minimize the use of texts

Some couples would like to place a caption on everything or insert quotes in almost every page. While this can be a good thing for documenting memories, try as much as possible to minimize them. In our case, we didn’t put any text. We thought that wordless photo albums are good conversation starters with friends and families.



Sleep on it

This is our rule when it comes to writing and we think that it perfectly applies to a DIY Wedding album too. When you’re done with the lay-out, give yourself a break for a day or two. Then, review the pages with fresh eyes. See if you want to change some items and have a final look.


Giveaway Contest

Time flies so fast. We are now on our 7th month of monthly giveaway contests. For July, we’re thrilled to partner with Photobook PH for a medium landscape photobook (11” x 8.5”) giveaway worth Php 3,500 to ONE winner on Instagram! This is the same format we had for our wedding album.
How to join:
1. Follow @photobookphand @themarkxabi
2. Like this GIVEAWAY PHOTO, tag 2 friends and tell us what life event or milestone you would like to put in a 40-page photobook.
3. Repost the photo with official hashtag: #markxabiphotobook

Giveaway is open to PHILIPPINE residents only. Winner will be announced via IG stories on July 30!

8 replies on “7 Useful Tips For a DIY Wedding Photo Album

  1. Very nice album and useful tips. I especially love the idea of wordless album, even the cover page walang text/title. Realized it doesn’t have to have a title coz the picture speaks for itself already.


  2. This is such a great idea to keep special moments ❤️ my husband would like us to get married in church (we had civil wed), he said he wants to see me walk down the aisle 🙈 Hope we can have a nice wedding and memories to have as well 💙


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