You can credit us for coining the phrase “the one bed mat you’ll ever need” for Swaddies PH’s Water Absorbent Bedmat. This miracle of a cotton gauze mat can serve as a baby mattress protector, potty training aid, and even offer back protection for post-operation and elderly care. If you haven’t already, read our full review here.

They launched a new stitch-free variation recently, and we’ve put it to the test.

But first, the features

Unboxing Swaddies PH’s Stitch-Free Bed Mat

Flatter and Thinner finish

The first thing you notice with the stitch-free water-absorbent bed mat is that it’s flatter and thinner. Perfect for those who like to save on storage space.

Showing how thin is the new Swaddies PH Stitch Free Water Absorbent Bed Mat


Since it’s thinner, it’s also lightweight! We appreciate this feature the most whenever we wash them. While we’re not complaining about the regular one, having a lighter laundry load makes a whole lot of difference, especially in the duration of each wash and drying them (under the sun).

Side by side comparison of Swaddies PH Water Absorbent Bed Mat
Left: Original Bed Mat; Right: New Stitch-Free Bed Mat

Note: Swaddies PH Water Absorbent Bed Mats are not dryer-safe

It still has the features we love

Other than the new features mentioned above, it still has the amazing features we’re fond of such as:

Non-slip guards to keep it in place.
The non-slip guards of Swaddies PH Water Absorbent Bed Mat
The non-slip guards
Comfortable material

We noticed that the new material is quite rough compared to the original design, but it wasn’t such a problem. It’s still soft and cool against the skin. Something we appreciate, considering our son will be sleeping on it all the time.

Dino design of Swaddies PH Water Absorbent Bed Mat

If you want to learn more about Swaddies PH Water Absorbent Bed Mat, read our full review here.

The Moment of Truth: Water Pouring Test

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. In the case of Swaddies PH Water Absorbent Bedmat, however, it’s in the water pouring. In this video, we tipped some 500ml tap water in each pour. Let’s see what happens!

The Verdict

It works just as well as the original design! It absorbs so much water as you have seen on the video above. Although our kid will probably not wet it as much (we’re still potty training him), it’s reassuring to know that it can take in so much liquid and keep whatever is underneath dry.

There you go, moms and dads! Grab Swaddies PH’s new stitch-free water absorbent bed mats now!


  • 70 x 90 cm
  • washable
  • with non-skid rubber guards to keep the mat in place
  • made of cotton gauze (which makes it cool against the skin)


This bed mat is so versatile! You can use it as any of the following:

  • crib mattress protector
  • changing pad
  • play mat
  • underpad for adults (post operations, elderly incontinence)


  1. If the mat is soaked with urine, rinse it off first with water
  2. Wash as you would regular clothes or bed sheets with your detergent and fabric conditioner of choice
  3. Rinse thoroughly, spin dry (to wring excess water out), and air dry


  • Rubber guards are not suitable for heat dryers
  • Ironing not required, but there won’t be any problem if you choose to do so

You may purchase yours from their social media pages (Instagram and Facebook), and Shopee.

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