Tikoy has been eager to help out, so we’re starting to teach him simple chores such as refilling our water bottles, putting away his things on his own, and recently, how to fold his clothes. We don’t expect him to do a perfect job, and sometimes, his “helping” would make the work twice as much, but we don’t mind. We want to build the discipline in him, and it also helps develop his motor skills.

Montessori way: mom teaches a toddler how to fold clothes
Tikoy trying to fold his pull over

Speaking of chores, did you notice that we mostly overlook our laundry when it comes to bacterial protection? These days, we’re all about protecting our families from any sickness. While I’m sure our laundry is always kept clean and hung under the sun for its natural UV disinfection, chances are, its germ protection doesn’t last.

But parents, rejoice! Surf has launched its ultimate Antibacterial Fabric Conditioner that kills 99.9% of germs, keeping our clothes fresh and protecting it from bacterial growth! Plus, it’s powered with mint extract, my favorite scent!

Laundry set of fabric conditioners in a rattan basket
We also tried their charcoal variant


Checkout our unboxing video

It’s Antibacterial

Surf Antibacterial Fabric Conditioner rids our clothes of 99.99% of germs and prevents bacteria growth.

It Prevents Bad Odor

Since it’s an antibacterial fabric conditioner, it helps keep clothes smelling fresh all day, even after strenuous activities!

Other fabric conditioner benefits:

  • Softens clothes
  • Makes ironing easier
  • Keeps clothes looking new

We’re happy try this new fabric conditioner at home and are pleasantly surprised to have discovered a variant that uses mint extracts! It has a light smell, though, but it does the job of keeping our clothes germ-free and odor-free for longer! And it’s cheaper [than our previous brand], too!

Ordering a bottle of Surf Fabric Conditioner online
Stay at home! Order your laundry essentials through Puregold Go mobile app!

You may buy a bottle of Surf Antibacterial Fabric Conditioner from Puregold Supermarkets, Puregold Go mobile app, and other online shopping apps like Shopee and Lazada!

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