Since last year, we have been stalking the conversations around Scotch-Brite’s Walis Tibay in the notorious budol group, Home Buddies. The posts came with pictures of three-year-old brooms that were obviously worn on a side, yet owners still rave about how sulit it was.

Scotch-Brite Walis Tibay posts in Home Buddies
Who wouldn’t be convinced with posts like these? Screenshots from Home Buddies group

I added it to cart but didn’t get a chance to check out since we left the country. Yet a Shopee notification that said it was on sale was the nudge I needed to finally buy it–as a Christmas present, no less!

Funny story: It arrived in a wide, thin box my dad asked about. I completely forgot I ordered it, so I had to backtrack all Shopee orders. When I realized it was the much-awaited Scotch-Brite Walis Tibay, I asked my sister to hide and wrap it.

Grandparents opening a Christmas present
They pack the Walis Tibay securely

When the time to open gifts came, my dad had trouble opening the package. It was too secure! He got engrossed with opening his present, but later, he exclaimed, “Walang hiya!” with a laugh. All that trouble for a broom! But we trust in the reviews that it is worth it.

A grand father laughing at his Scotch-Brite Walis Tibay broom as a Christmas gift.
My dad laughing at his Christmas Gift


-It’s lightweight so no added stress when you clean with it

-It has angled plastic mold head helps to easily clean and reach those corners

-No trims required!

-Fibers don’t easily fall off and is sure to last for years

-Fibers spread evenly so it covers a wider areas when cleaning

We count it as an achievement to have “budoled” some of our friends into buying them, especially Brennan. 😆

Scotch-Brite Walis Tibay on top of a grocery shopping cart
Trotting along the grocery aisles with his Scotch-Brite Walis Tibay

Comments from our circle of friends are the same: it’s worth it!

Comments about Scotch-Brite Walis Tibay from our circle of friends
We’re talking ROI with Walis Tibay

Scotch-Brite’s Walis Tibay is available in grocery stores and other home specialty stores nationwide at only PhP 275.00 each. But in case they’re all out of stock, or if you choose to stay at home, you can purchase online through their official stores in Lazada and Shopee. Keep your eyes peeled for the double digits sale promotions and free shipping vouchers!

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