A friend surprised us with some snails as a celebratory gift, so we decided to cook them in a simple yet delicious way: with creamy gata! 

Snails cooked in the traditional Filipino way: ginataan!

It was our first time cooking with a powdered Gata. While some may be skeptical about using such, it was surprisingly creamy, tasty, and smells of real coconuts (probably because it’s made with real ingredients). With this handy pouch, moms can #AchieveRealSarap in just a few minutes. 

Del Monte Quick N Easy Gata Mix
Del Monte Quick N Easy Gata Mix

Here’s our super easy recipe: 

  1. Prepare the snails. Wash thoroughly, and soak in water (make sure to put a lid on, or else, they’ll escape!) for at least three hours, then make a crack on their shells. 

2. Sauté some crushed garlic, two thumbs of ginger (sliced), and two stalks of lemongrass (pounded). 

3. Dissolve one packet of Del Monte Quick ‘N Easy Gata with water and add to the pan of aromatics.

4. Season with patis (fish sauce) or salt and pepper. Add some chilies!

5. Add the snails and cook for at least 15 minutes.

Optional: add malunggay or sili leaves.

Del Monte Quick n Easy helps moms cook delicious meals conveniently with real and natural ingredients. It saves us from having to do additional steps on some tedious recipes!

Their line of meal mixes (Creamier and Tastier Gata, Better Caldereta Sauce, and Tasty BBQ Sauce) is now available in bigger sizes, so you can cook larger batches at such a sulit price!

Del Monte Quick N Easy Meal Mixes
Del Monte Quick N Easy Meal Mixes

Del Monte Quick N Easy Meal Mixes are available in leading groceries, Lazada, and Shopee.

Lazada: Bit.ly/qnelazada

Shopee: Bit.ly/qneshopee

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