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As a tipid mom, I couldn’t stomach the idea of splurging on breastfeeding clothes because (in my opinion) it’s just a phase. Unless I’d have more than a couple of kids in a row, I’ll only use them for a moment. While it’s true that I can always keep it and be worn again next time, I’m not sure if it will still be appealing when we get pregnant again–unless it’s a classic piece, of course.

I know breastfeeding can limit a mom’s clothing choices, but there are a few things you will need to get for ease of feeding and access. So here are my tips on what to spend on and what you can hack.

Do Invest in:

1. Breast feeding underwear

Yes, you need a couple of breastfeeding bras. You wouldn’t want to do an extra step when you have a crying, hangry baby. Get ones that can be easily unbuttoned (in front), or wear padded camisoles that you can just lift.

Tip: get some nursing pads, too.

2. Nursing cover

Mom breastfeeding in before take off
Breastfeeding before take-off.

I breastfed on demand. I fed my baby while queuing, on a plane, inside a cable car, and in other places with no accessible nursing stations, thanks to my nursing cover. It can be a breathable scarf (if you have one already, choose thicker and dark-colored ones) or a good nursing cover that you can also use as a make-shift blanket, pillow, and more.

Using a scarf as nursing cover and blanket.
Breastfeeding with nursing cover.
Breastfeeding and eventually putting down our little boy to sleep while in a carrier.

P.S. Mine was a Next9 hand-me-down.

Check Your Closet for:

3. Button down shirts

Mom wearing button down shirts for breastfeeding
Yes, I do have the same shirt in two different colors.

I like basics because it transcends trends and won’t make me regret what I wore five years ago (when I look at photos), and so my closet is littered with button-downs and plain colors. My oxford shirts served me so much during my pregnancy and well into my breastfeeding journey. I gave myself a pat on the back for buying good-quality ones that are manageable to open when my baby needed to nurse. I’d just throw on my nursing cover, and lunch is served!

Tip: choose pieces that you can still use after your baby is weaned.

4. Kimonos!

Long blazers and kimonos were some of the most helpful outfits I paired with a padded camisole. It has enough length for a makeshift nursing cover as well.

How to wear Kimono blazer for breastfeeding.
A breastfeeding mom with her baon! Kimono blazer from Cotton On.

5. Wrap dresses

Mom wearing wrap dresses
A wrap dress or top is always a good idea.

Wrap dresses are flattering and breastfeeding accessible. Every girl should have one! I wear them with a bandeau and I’m good to go.

6. V-neck tops

Similar to wrap dresses, a v-neck dress with an ample-depth is helpful in breastfeeding.

And yes, even for formal wear! Donned a Loveleen Maxi Dress by Cole Vintage at our friend’s wedding.

You Can Also…

7. Use your baby carrier’s privacy hood

Most baby carriers have a privacy hood to support the head when they sleep. You can also learn how to breastfeed while wearing your baby and use the hood for privacy.

I’m actually nursing here.

Important: Secure that your carrier is hip dysplasia safe.

8. Scour the internet for affordable nursing dresses

For the few times I had to purchase a breastfeeding outfit, I’ve tried the following local brands:

For dressier clothes, try WorkIt.

Mom wearing WorkIt PH nursing clothes

2018-2019 was a year of weddings for us! It took me so much time to find something apt for the occasion that’s below PHP 1,000.00 (kuripot, right?) and I discovered WorkIt on Shopee. WorkIt is a local clothing line that creates stylish maternity and nursing clothes. I like that their designs are classy while being affordable at the same time.

For casual pieces, try Rocket Mom and Inang’s Collection.

Left: tie-front dress from Inang’s collection, right, A-line dress from RocketmomPH

I got a couple of basic dresses from these shops that were flattering and functional.

Deciding what to spend on

Whenever I shop, I ask myself:

  1. What do I need this for?
  2. How many times will I use it?
  3. In case of special occasions, can I still wear it afterward?
  4. What are my options?

What’s essential for me was having ease and access to feed my baby. As I have been working from home since and went out only on weekends, I stuck to my existing pieces, and I chose to invest in the items I’d wear every day. I bought a couple of good nursing bras, gladly accepted lots of hand-me-downs, bought second-hand items (thank you, mommy friends!), and agreed to spend a little for special occasions.

When Tikoy was weaned, I sold the dresses I knew I wouldn’t wear anymore and gave the others to a cousin and friends who were expecting.

Here are the links to some of the nursing and maternity clothing shops I frequented:

Nursing clothes

Rocket Mom

WorkIt PH

Nursing Nanays

Inang’s Collection

Valian’s Trends

Formal Wear and Maxi Dresses

Cole vintage

Wrap dresses



Kimono and other blazers


Nursing Cover

Bloom nursing cover

2 replies on “8 Creative Tips on Breastfeeding Clothes

  1. Super appreciate this, nagstart din ako sa mga nursing covers pero bago ko pa yan makilala ramdam ko na struggle magpadede sa labas kapag dala mo sya, i have to decide ng susuotin beforehand lalo strike anywhere lang us. Noong nagkabunso na ako at tandem feed na sila ng ate, mas kita ko na comfort ng mga yan, learned bout nursing dress and even babycarriers( nursing while carry sya at covered ng hood)
    Thank you for posting links


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