Dubua Cafe Entrance
The entrance at Dubua Café
Giant water lilies
Giant water lilies

A café, restaurant, petting zoo, lotus farm, and an eco-tourism spot rolled into one.

Trees line up Dubua Cafe
Bask under the sun, take shade under the trees
Horses roam free at Dubua Cafe
Horses roam free at Dubua Cafe

Dubua Café offers a beautifully-planned site with sprawling gardens, lush lotus ponds, activity areas, and pockets for interaction with animals such as rabbits, ponies, chickens, and other domesticated animals.

Dubua Café’s afternoon charm
Little boy feeding chickens
Feeding chickens
Petting and feeding the bunnies
We spent so much time feeding and petting the bunnies
Cute bunny signage
Cute signage
Watching ponies from inside the cafe
Watched the ponies from inside the cafe because it was too hot–we needed to cool off a bit

Did I mention that entrance is FREE? I never thought it’d be possible.

The deer at Dubua Cafe
Oh deer!

We were wonderfully surprised at the minimalist beauty of the place. We have had our share of eco-tourism-inspired spots that combine nature, family activities, and food, but Dubua Café was another level. Their routes were planned for families to move about with bikes, pedal boats, and scooters you can use (again, for free) as you roam around the area.

Rent free bikes at Dubua Cafe
Grab a bike! It’s free to use around the area.

You don’t need to worry about your restless feet or your kids being parched and starved from all the fun things they could do as food booths line the walkways, called “Kad Ban Kwai.” It’s an effort to generate income for the community by allowing locals to sell products. You can take a quick break with a delicious coconut ice cream cup, coffee, tea, pastry horns filled with cream, French macarons, fruit juices, pork barbecues, and more.

Dubua Cafe's coconut ice cream stall
Never miss Dubua Cafe’s Coconut Ice Cream!
Delicious coconut ice cream
Delicious coconut ice cream

The food are at a good price point. Quaint seats are available outside to enjoy your snacks al fresco with a pretty little pot of orchid at the center.

Orchid centerpiece
Dine Al Fresco from your Kad Ban Kwai picks!
Our little boy enjoying the french macarons.
Our little boy enjoying the french macarons.
Cream Horn Pastry snack
Cream Horn

But if you’re feeling peckish for a full meal, try the dishes in Mee Mee restaurant.

Cute Bear Logo of Mee Mee Restaurant in Dubua Cafe
How cute is this logo???

Other cafés inside are:
Croffle Studio

Cool down with a drink from Inthanin Cafe
Cool down with a drink from Inthanin Cafe

The activities go around through donations when you get pet food, so drop a few bahts to support Dubua Café.

Animal food vendo
Animal food vendo
Fish food packs with donation box
Pick up a pack of fish food and drop your donation (20 thb) on the red mailbox
The water lilies are in their glory during the hottest time of the day.
But a few water lilies still stay open
Father and son Walking through the lily ponds
Walking through the lily ponds

Bring your family to Dubua Café at NP 4014, Bang Kaeo Fa, Nakhon Chai Si, Nakhon Pathom, 73120, Thailand Nakhon Pathom. They are open Tuesdays to Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Saturdays to Sundays at 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.

Little boy posing by the walk path
Come in comfy clothes and shoes!
Family posing at Dubua Cafe's bridge
Bring your family!

It’s best to visit early to avoid large crowds and stay away from the harsh sun. Bring a hat and wear sunscreen as you’ll be spending the whole day out, and of course, never leave without extra clothes and water tumblers for the kids. Enjoy!

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