Trees and other plants surround our place, making it perfect for Tikoy to explore during his nature walks, riding his bike, and helping his now-turned-plant-tito dad cultivate our little garden. Our only hesitation about staying too long outside is our uninvited guest: mosquitos! Our workaround is having our little boy in outdoor-friendly clothes and a trusty, natural, and safe insect repellent. 

Toddler surrounded by plants
Planting time with Tikoy

Tiny Buds has recently introduced their two new items: The Gone Away Lotion and Gone Away Stick Ons! We tried them together with their other bites-related products: 

Gone Away Lotion

Tiny Buds Gone Away Natural Citronella Lotion
Gone Away Natural Citronella Lotion

This light and non-sticky insect repellent is made with Citronella, Lemon Eucalyptus, and Virgin Coconut Oil that keeps our little boy’s skin soft and moist while keeping the pesky bugs at bay. Unlike Mark, I’m not very fond of the Citronella smell, and I usually get dizzy from others with a more potent essence. While I’m sure it indeed does the job, I appreciate having the odor toned down and balanced with Lemon Eucalyptus. 

Gone Away Stick Ons

Tiny Buds Stick On insect repellent
Each patch can last up to 6 hours!

Most insect repellents are for kids three years and above but Tiny Buds had that covered with their stick-on mosquito patch! This can be used for kids of any age and is a quicker way to protect your kids from bites! All you have to do is to stick them on their clothes! Each can last up to 6 hours.

After Bites Natural Soothing Gel

Tiny Buds After Bites Natural Soothing Gel
I tried this myself after getting a mosquito bite. It soothes the itch and sting right away.

Soothe the itch and sting from mosquito bites with this non-steroidal, all-natural relief gel. I had a bite myself and tried it. It’s lightly cool and minty, just right for kids. 

Lighten Up Scar Gel

Tiny Buds Lighten Up Lightening Scar Gel
Tikoy likes this cute polar bear. 🙂

Help lighten up the unsightly bite scars with Lighten Up Scar Gel. It’s safe for all ages. Apply on the dark spots at least thrice a day. 

So let your kids go ahead and play! Tiny Buds will keep the bugs away.

Order now from Tiny Buds Official Stores:



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