Amidst this pandemic and its troubles anew, it’s refreshing to hear of initiatives that aim to help our fellow Filipinos. The opening of the new school year found most of our students in lack, some not even having the bare minimum to start with. The reality for some is that every day, they have to make a choice between attending school or feeding a hungry stomach.

Thankfully, The Wagi Project (among many fund-raisers) was birthed. It’s an online bidding for a cause that aims to raise laptop funds for underprivileged yet deserving students. It’s the brainchild of travel agency owners Mariko David, Shiela Borongan, and Marie Bartolome. 

Three ladies smiling
The ladies behind The Wagi Project

Just as many great things are, it started with a vision.

It started with a vision to help students, and soon enough, it translated into a whole operation. The first two laptops were their own company devices (since they will need to put their travel agency’s operations on hold). After that, they posted their personal items on Facebook and had people bid. All of the proceeds went to purchasing laptops for students. 

Everyone wins

They called the drive “The Wagi Project” as both student and donor can win–the former gets a device for distance learning, the latter, the item he/she bid for. A great way to shop, yes?

Well said!

It protects donors

More than that, they carefully stream each applicant or nominee to make sure that no one gets scammed. For those who are looking for ways to help, that’s one thing off their minds.

Photo of students winning laptop grants
The Wagi Project is transparent with donations received: keeping funds raised public and proofs of receipt.

How to help

There are many ways to do your share. 

  1. Donate new or pre-loved items
  2. Bid for an item you want; or
  3. Donate in cash

Our Experience

We placed a bid for a Danish stacking tower game recently, and their process is efficient. To do so, simply comment (or send a message if you want to remain anonymous) on the item and wait for 48 hours. If you’re the highest bidder, the item is yours! Payment is made super easy with QR codes and GCash. 

We think that most of us are just trying to cope with, let alone thrive, during this pandemic, but the least we could do is to help each other, and it doesn’t even have to cost an arm or a foot. As cliche as it is, a little goes a long way, and our pre-loved items can attest to that. Kon Mari your stuff, and donate what you’re not using. If you’re a certified thrift shopper, then this is perfect for you!

We believe that a lot of people are truly willing to help but they don’t always know how. So thank you, The Wagi Project Team, for creating an opportunity for everyone to share.

Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.

1 John 3:18

You may reach them through: 


Twitter: @thewagiproject

The Wagi Project is a registered charity with permit no. DSWD-SB-SP-000116-2020

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