Most of us have been in touch with our tita (or tito) selves under this pandemic. We’ve tried our hand on plants, essential oils, natural products, and recently, a re-imagining of our shelves and plates for a decent Zoom background.

So where do we shop? We’re all about value for money, having it all in one place (to save on delivery fee and efficiency of talking to one seller only), and #supportlocal.

Pretty roller oils with dried flowers
Pretty oil rollers

If you’re one to consider the same as ours, we’d love to introduce Good Buys from YC.

About Good Buys from YC

Good Buys from YC curates home and wellness items that support cruelty-free, natural, and small and local businesses. It’s a great source of quality items for your adulting goals for a good cause. Something to feel good about whenever you purchase from them.

Unboxing our recent haul

To date, our GoodBuys from YC hauls are of dental-related care: Orahex Forte mouth rinse, AP24 toothpaste, and auntie Julie worthy items: wooden plates, room and linen mist, and natural hand sanitizer.

What We Like About It

Good Customer Service

What do titas and titos at heart look for? Good customer service makes a whole lot of difference in a sea of online sellers. What we like about Good Buys from YC is that the seller is ready with all of the information and photo proofs that buyers need. She also responds immediately. We understand that all sellers have a life and we try not to bug them at the wee hour, but this one is courteous to at least confirm receipt of inquiry when she can’t respond immediately, and follows through.

Sells Authentic Items

Wooden plates and bowls
Wooden plates and bowls

Nobody likes a scam, and Good Buys from YC offers authentic, quality items. Her products are “hindi dinala sa picture” (no photo bias), albeit being artsy when it comes to content posts and packaging.

Honestly Supports Local

Earth Bar's Angel's Breath natural hand sanitizer
Earth Bar’s Angel’s Breath Natural Hand Sanitizer

Good Buys from YC is particular with products, and hand-picks–quite meticulously–for quality local items that are in line with its advocacy, which is mainly the reason why she doesn’t just sell anything.

Tahanan Fresh Bamboo Room and Linen Spray
Tahanan’s Fresh Bamboo Spray

It’s refreshing to meet sellers with a drive to support causes, especially these days when we’re all coping with our current predicament. We hope initiatives like these will create ripples, and then waves, for the greater good.

Check out the store at:

Instagram: @goodbuysfromyc


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