We’re nuts for peanut butter and are biased towards ones that aren’t too sweet and have a “peanutty” flavor. For us, the others are just too sweet that it overwhelms the peanut flavor. While we stick to our favorite brand and buy their giant bottles, we didn’t shy away from trying Ligwan Wild Honey’s Peanut Better–no, that’s not a typo. It really is “Better.”

Peanut Better Variants: Crunchy Cacao and Chunky

About Ligwan Wild Honey

Ligwan Wild Honey produces locally sourced honey from the Mountains of Quezon Province, and one of their unique items is Peanut Better, an unsweetened version of our home-staple spread made of roasted peanut chunks, and premium cholesterol-free and zero transfat butter. 

We tried Chunky Peanut Better, and Crunchy Cacao Peanut Better

Chunky Peanut Better

Chunky Peanut Better unsweetened peanut butter on a pandesal
We tried it on its own and with pandesal

We were not prepared for the taste of unsweetened peanut butter. It was indeed, just smoothly ground peanuts with butter. No sweeteners. At all. My thought the whole time we were tasting it was that “I can use this in savory dishes.” I was also missing the “chunky” feature it promised because I didn’t experience anything to bite for my first few tries. We mixed it from the bottom, looking for the missing nuts, but there weren’t many.

We didn’t complain as it declared itself as “unsweetened” upfront at their Shopee store’s product description, and was made specifically for people with diabetes or watching their blood sugar levels. However, when the bottle label said “sugar-free”, I thought they just used an alternative sweetener.

close up photo of Chunky Peanut Better unsweetened peanut butter on a pandesal
Sadly, there wasn’t any “chunks” in sight

However, when we tried it on pandesal, the bread’s sweetness compensated for the lack. 

Crunchy Cacao Peanut Better

Cacao Crunch Peanut Better unsweetened peanut butter on a pandesal

We were excited to taste a fresh variation of peanut butter–featuring Cacao! Cacao nibs are one of our favorite superfood snacks. However, just like the previous one, we couldn’t see much of them. We imagined that we’d get some crunch while we’re eating them, but we only got a couple of pieces when we did. The Cacao flavor that we assumed to give the peanut butter a different taste was also missing

Close up of peanut better on a spoon and pandesal
I could hardly tell the difference between the two

Try this by ordering here

The Verdict

Maybe we’re not complete fans of its taste, but it is a well-made, well-packaged, and proudly Pinoy product that uses local ingredients and is one for people with special diet concerns, and we honor that! 

In our case, we’ll enjoy Peanut Better with a sweetener or anything that complements like pandesal, sweet bread, crackers, or bananas. We think it could also be an excellent ingredient to mix with Kare-Kare, peanut sauces, and peanut butter cookies.

Try it for yourself and #supportlocal by ordering from Ligwan Wild Honey’s Shopee Store.

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