Minimalist aromatherapy mist and car diffuser gift pack
The Olfactory Naturals Aromatherapy Mists and Car Diffusers

I was drawn at first to The Olfactory Naturals by their lovely packaging and the mere use of the word “Olfactory” for a business name. It sent sparks inside this nerdy heart of mine. But as it turns out, there’s more to them than meets the eye (or the nose, for that matter).

Meet Rina

Rina, founder of The Olfactory Naturals

Rina is no stranger to the realities of compact-living: the dismal air quality, and that “condo smell” despite having ample ventilation. They tried to prevent this from overpowering the house using scents and sprays. However, another concern came to Rina’s mind: what chemicals are in these artificial fresheners, and what are its impacts on health? Because of this, she decided to research natural alternatives and stumbled upon “Aromatherapy” and “Essential Oils”. 

“When I felt that I knew enough, I started creating sprays to give our home a fresh re-do, and to help my kids stay focused while studying. We were surprised to see that it also does the job of calming the kids down when we find ourselves in need of some rest and ‘me’ time as well. 😉 My little homemade solution was working well for us!” Rina shares.

The pivotal point in Rina’s journey was when she received great feedback when she gave away her hand-poured sprays to her relatives. “It turned out that everyone liked the scent so much and its effects! [It] pushed me to dig deeper into the art and science of Aromatherapy to find out how scents stimulate the olfactory system.” 

She then started The Olfactory Naturals. “Through our little starter brand, it is my hope to share our healthy scent solution to other homes in need of a productivity boost and a quick fresh makeover.”

What we like about it

It’s 100% Natural

The Olfactory Naturals offers a range of natural, toxin-free scent sprays and diffusers made with essential oils, so it’s safe for the family. 

It’s Safe for Babies

Their Aromatherapy sprays are available in regular and kids editions. For the latter, they are safe to use around babies 3 months old and above. It can be sprayed around the room but not directly on pillows, clothes, or blankets so your baby doesn’t ingest the oils. “Of course, we would also recommend consulting your doctors before use to infants especially those with an allergic reaction to scents or oils used.” Advices Rina.

It Uses Eco-friendly Packaging

Do you realize how much trash we’re making especially under this pandemic? Given that most of our purchases are online these days, the disposable packaging piles up too easily. It’s good to know that Olfactory Naturals uses recycled kraft paper stickers, glass bottles for car diffusers, and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles and encourages users to upcycle.

Its Scent Sprays Have a Lock

Aromatherapy Spray in a blanket
There’s a lock you can twist by the nozzle to keep it safe from your toddler and evaporation

One of our concerns with having a toddler is that there comes a stage where they like to fiddle with things. Tikoy has a certain fascination in observing how things work and the spray bottles are not exempted. While we try to keep them away from his reach, the boy finds ways. For now, the intuitive lock secures it and also keeps it from evaporating.

It Smells Good

We have tried the Deep Sleep and Focus (for kids) spray. Deep Sleep is made with lavender, chamomile, and marjoram while Focus includes Lavender, Vetiver, and Frankincense that delivers pleasant, fresh smells in the room.

It’s Relaxing

Sleeping baby
Tikoy has been having lengthier and deep sleeps since we used The Olfactory Naturals

You can think of it as a mood in a bottle. Its properties help ease anxiety and stress after breathing them in. We give our room a couple of spritzes when we wind down at night. It gives a soothing calmness, relieves stress and anxiety, improves blood circulation, and promotes deep sleep. We noticed that Tikoy doesn’t toss and turn as much (because he’s very malikot) at night and that his slumbers are lengthier and uninterrupted.

Focus, on the other hand, gives an energizing but calm balance. It’s invigorating and gives a peaceful focus and wakefulness that helps kids (and adults!) stay focused on their tasks. 

They Have a Good Range of Products

Aside from their Aromatherapy Mists, they also offer Natural Hanging Car Diffusers, Mosquito Repellent, and Dust Mites Away.

They Have Nice Packaging

Brown paper packages tied up with strings, these are a few of my favorite things

As we’re minimalists at heart, we love how The Olfactory Naturals designed their packaging from the logo to the overall look. It’s simple and classy: a nice accent to your work table or can be given as a gift that’s sure to impress.

Our Takeaway

Just like Rina, we also tried scent gels and we do use disinfectant sprays especially in the light of COVID19. But we love trying natural alternatives that are kinder to humans and the environment. We have friends who are into essential oils who encourage us to do the same, but we’re not ready to jump into the bandwagon yet, so The Olfactory Naturals products suit us best.

The Olfactory Naturals are available in Lazada and Shopee.

6 replies on “The Olfactory Naturals Review: Aromatherapy Sprays That Invigorate the Senses

  1. It was totally an amazing product mommy Abi. 😍😍😍
    I really admire natural products and so bright naman ng idea nung nakadiscover nito pati packaging very eco-friendly.


  2. Honestly ngayon ko lang nalaman na may ganitong products pala, very tipid sya. gamitin. Hope to try this also soon for my baby, often kasi yung tantrums nya tsaka pag gabi ang tagal matulog. 😫


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