Growing up, Safeguard was the only body soap we know that offers 99.9% germ protection. We knew how most of their commercials would play out: a mom worries about cuts followed by an animation on how germs can do further harm. Suddenly, the mom’s conscience steps out and reminds her that others soaps won’t make the cut, and so forth. 

While it has been a brand of choice then, our family has always opted for milder soaps because my sister has sensitive skin. But recently, Safeguard launched their Gentle Micellar Body Cleanser, a face and body wash that offers uncompromising protection that’s as gentle as water.

Stepping into the shower with Safeguard Gentle Micellar Cleanser

What’s Great About It

It Gently Lifts Dirt and Oil Using Micellar Technology

The downside when it comes to antibacterial cleansers is that they can be harsh on sensitive skin. It seems as if “gentle” and “antibacterial protection” are two things that just can’t come together. 

So how does micellar technology work? Well, we’re not pretending to be experts here, but we like how @labmuffinbeautyscience puts it: It’s like a magnet stuck on a velcro which attracts dirt and oil and lifts it off your skin without harming it. It’s so gentle that you can use it on your face! No wonder I’ve been hearing beauty experts and makeup artists incessantly talk about this discovery.

It Removes 99.9% of Germs

Safeguard Gentle Micellar Cleanser is still the same antibacterial product we know and trust over the years–a good measure of protection I’m sure most of us appreciate as of late. 

It Keeps Your Skin Smooth and Supple

I was glad to put it to the test after one exercise session that left me feeling sticky. I slathered it on and rubbed away. After a good rinse and towel off, I felt how smooth and supple my skin was.

It Comes in New, Fun Scents (or Without)!

Safeguard gentle micellar cleanser bottles lined up

Safeguard’s Gentle Micellar Cleanser comes in three variants: Coconut & Peach, Berries & Pear, and Unscented. Among these, I like the Coconut & Peach the most for that summer holiday feel. (It’s the closest we can come to having a vacation.) Berries & Pear would be perfect for people who like sweet scents, and the unscented, for those who like the clean, Safeguard smell

Try it for yourself by buying a bottle (or three) from the following online stores:

Lazada: Click here.

Shopee: Click here.

5 replies on “Safeguard Gentle Micellar Body Cleanser Review: Germ Protection That’s as Gentle as Water!

  1. Safeguard is the best soap for cleaning and it’s nice to know that they also have this Micellar Body cleanser. 😍


  2. Safeguard is the best soap in germ protection and its nice to know that they also have this Micellar Body Cleanser. 😊😍


  3. THANKS also for giving us an info. about this new product since trusted brand ko talaga ang Safeguard , even on liquid hand soap . 😊


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