Our boy loves anything with wheels and is currently fascinated with trucks. He pours over his truck book and “reads” it as if it’s new every time. So we thought that it would be really cool to have a construction theme for his 2nd birthday.

Since this is going to be a simple celebration at our church, we opted to have a fuzz-free and inexpensive preparation. We had our food delivered and as for the cake, we got the inspiration from a very artsy-fartsy tita. 

What you need: 

You don’t need a lot of decors but it’s great to have a variation of textures.

Toy construction truck

There are different types of trucks you can use: Back Hoe, Dump Truck, etc. Ours is an excavator from Toys R Us at PhP 269.00. You can also choose to make your own using fondant.

Chocolate cake

The size of the cake base will depend on the size of your truck. We got this 12 x 18 in Chocolate cake from Goldilocks and asked to have it without any decoration.

Crushed Grahams

We added this for the soil effect


We used the mini chocolate stash we received from family and friends as pasalubong so we didn’t have to buy them.

Wafers or Biscuits

Play around with different elements by using broken wafers and biscuits.

Chocolate rocks

This is perhaps the little detail that made the whole thing come together. You can get them for PhP 115.00 per 100g at baking needs stores or candy corner stalls.

What to do:

1. Flatten the icing

The cake had a line of piped icing around the edges. You can flatten this out using a spoon.

2. Set the truck on the cake

Tip: Make sure your truck is clean and sterilized before setting it on the cake.

3. Dig a hole

Dig a hole that’s about as big as the excavator’s bucket. Leave the mound on the side.

For the geeky parents, the design had to “make sense”. Since we used an excavator truck, it needed something to excavate. We dug a little hole in the middle and dusted it with some crushed grahams.

Just a little crushed graham dust will do.

4. Work your design around the cake

We didn’t have a plan and just designed on the spot. While we were a little concerned of making a mess of it, we realized that it’s a construction cake. It’s meant to be a little crazy, and Tikoy will be just as happy to have his truck afterwards. 

The finished product


Truck: PhP 269.00

Cake: PhP 870.00

Chocolate Rocks: PhP 115.00

Candle: PhP 12.00

Total: PhP 1,266.00

We also gave out simple loot bags using regular brown paper bags and sealed with truck scrap book stickers.

This was a fun and easy project. It only took us around 15 to 20 minutes to design and seeing that Tikoy liked it so much makes it all worth it.

4 replies on “Easy DIY Construction Cake

  1. It’s really cute and very affordable! I will try this next year at my Gavin’s 2nd birthday. I know he will likes it too! 😍😍😍


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