Welcome to Puddy Rock! Says the opening prompt of this musically and artfully inclined content for kids.

You are You! notebook
You are you!

The channel offers original Filipino music videos with fun characters made alive by Linya-Linya’s Ali Sangalang.

Little boy watching Puddy Rock
Puddy Rock’s Oooh-Lan is guaranteed to be your LSS for days!

Puddy Rock is the brainchild of musicians and podcasters Jim Bacarro and Saab Magalona. The couple unknowingly built its fun world with a cute cast of characters as they sang them to their kids. Since it became a hit with Pancho and Vito, they decided to share them with the world!

Puddy Rock merch
Puddy Rock is a vibe.

We like their catchy songs, and we were pleasantly surprised by their bisaya rendition of “Oooh-lan.”

Sud-an means ulam (viand)

My husband, Mark is bisaya, and we are teaching our son how to speak it as well. This cute bisaya song is helpful in letting him remember key words.

Puddy Rock's octopus draw-along
Puddy Rock’s octopus draw-along

Other than that, our son enjoyed their easy follow-along drawing videos.

Little boy drawing an octopus
Our son following along the drawing video

Spend fun, interactive times with your kids through music and art with Puddy Rock!

Stream now at:

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