Let’s cut right into the chase: here are five things you can do to compel your husband to put on lotion.

Put the bottle of lotion right in front of him.
That means placing it where it’s accessible to him, near a regimen he can’t leave the house without doing: next to his toothbrush or if he has a specific facial wash. P.S. works for sunblock too.

A bottle of Vaseline Gluta Hya Lotion next to a sunblock
The trick works with sunblock too

Remind him we’re not getting any younger.
The effective nag on using body lotion on Mark was “gors na tayo.” We’re in our 30s, and it’s all going downhill from here.

Husband and wife picture
A mom and dad picture

Find a lotion that suits him.
In our five years of marriage, I must have ended up using bottles of lotion he barely touched, and his primary complaint was that it felt sticky. I understand. Nobody wants to feel icky like that, especially when you live in a tropical country where you’re guaranteed to sweat.

A tube of Vaseline Gluta-Hya Lotion on the sink
We love how light this feels on the skin!

It was sort of serendipitous to come across Vaseline’s Gluta HYA lotion serum, which delivers moisture and nourishment without feeling sticky. We’re not into making our skin lighter, but we are taken by how it hydrates our skin instantly.

It’s Vaseline’s first Serum Burst Lotion with Hyaluron and GlutaGlow Technology, helping you achieve a glowy and dewy radiance, thanks to the power antioxidant combo that’s ten times more potent than vitamin C!

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