We received so much unsolicited advice, myths, old wives’ tales, and comments while pregnant with our first child, and so much more when I gave birth. 

May Hugis Pusong Balat ang Kapatid Ko Childrens Story with a heart background
May Hugis Pusong Balat ang Kapatid Ko

They were both funny and annoying at the same time, so Mark and I compiled them for later use. Little did we know that they’d be the base of our first children’s story about a little girl, Ria, and her newborn baby brother with a heart-shaped birthmark on his forehead. 

a children's book illustration of Filipino dinuguan and duhat
Filipino dinuguan and duhat

In partnership with Kado Publishing, our book, May Hugis Pusong Balat ang Kapatid Ko, is a bi-lingual (Filipino-English) book about the unconditional love between siblings, set against the backdrop of nostalgic Filipino cultural anecdotes, Old Wives’ tales, and superstitions.

a page spread of hearts
These hearts were a hit with little kids and some of the few pages had them laughing out loud!

With this book, we hope to shed some light on unfounded beliefs and break the stigma of seemingly catastrophic “flaws” of birthmarks and similar conditions. May we instill in our children the value of looking and loving deeply. 

Our book is now available in multiple platforms!

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