The real reason why we visited Kalamansi Kafe in Sathon, Bangkok was to let our son try the iconic Filipino dessert, Halo-Halo. Since he received the book, “Halu-Halo Espesyal,” he has been curious about its taste (Tikoy was only 2 or 3 years old when he last tried it) and hungry for other Filipino delicacies.

Happy little boy with a glass of halo halo
We went to Kalamansi Kafe in Sathorn, Bangkok to eat Halo Halo!

As we raise our third culture kid, we’d love for him to treasure our culture, and the most delicious way to let him explore it is through Filipino food! We keep our dishes in regular rotation, but for the tedious ones, or those that require a minimum of 12 ingredients, we like ordering them or anticipate visiting our home to try the OG recipes made by the family.

A book about Filipino Haluhalo
We brought our copy of Haluhalo Espesyal book so our son can identify the ingredients

To date, he says he’s excited to come to the Philippines to eat kutsinta!

Little boy reading a book with a halo halo for snacks
He’s checking the ingredients!

Here are some of our favorite Adarna books that talk about Filipino culture and values and make us hungry while we’re at it:
Hating Kapatid
Halu-Halo Espesyal
What Kids Should Know About Filipino Food – parents will love this too!

Order a copy from Adarna House’s official stores:

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