This denim dungaree is my favorite look for our son, Tikoy! Mainly because I also had the same outfit when I was a little girl, and I enjoy that sheer pleasure that Tikoy is my boy mini-me. 

Happy boy in overalls drinking chocolate milk
He likes his dungaree too

Denim dungarees (aka overalls, aka jumpers) are classic, timeless outfits for kids and great for play, too! They’re durable, comfy (depending on your chosen material), and easy to wear with or without an undershirt!

Here’s why dungarees are staple clothing for your kids’ wardrobe: 

1. It’s durable: While there are many variations of the dungarees (including cotton and linen), classic denim is a sturdy and long-lasting fabric, making it perfect for energetic kids who are constantly running, jumping, and playing. Denim dungarees can withstand daily wear and tear, which is essential for kids’ clothing.

Little boy wearing linen overalls
Soft linen dungarees

2. It’s comfortable: As an adult, my most relaxed clothing is loose-fitting. The same goes for kids, as these silhouettes provide comfort and freedom of movement.

Little boy sitting on a bench wearing denim overalls
Chilling on a bench

3. It’s versatile: Dungarees are also versatile. Dungarees are great in a range of temperatures – in warmer weather, throw them on without an undershirt (or you may choose a light t-shirt), while in cooler weather, you can pair them with a sweater or jacket.

Little boy wearing DIY Super Mario costume in short dungarees
He wore it as a DIY Super Mario costume

4. It grows with your child: Dungarees typically have adjustable straps, meaning they can grow with the child and last longer.

Back of an adjustable denim dungaree
You can adjust the straps both in front and the back

5. It’s a timeless style: I’m pretty sure most of us have a photo from our childhood wearing an overall or some version of it. Dungarees have a classic and timeless style, so they never go out of fashion. They are a staple item in many children’s wardrobes and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.

Little boy standing by flowers wearing short dungarees
Short dungarees are great too!

We scored Tikoy’s dungarees from H&M and Zara Kids, but here are similar options: 

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