Who doesn’t love these famous triangle chocolates? Toblerone has released a limited edition Valentine’s Day treat: Toblerone Love Cards. Each bar of chocolate comes with a note card so you can personalize it for Valentine’s gifting!

Toblerone Limited edition Love Cards
It comes with a sweet nothing and an ample space to write your message

The Toblerone Love Cards are a delicious treat and a unique and thoughtful way to show your love and appreciation to that special someone. The cards come in beautiful, gift-ready packaging, making them a perfect surprise for your Valentine.

Toblerone Love Cars Set
Catch their promo for Toblerone Love Cards Set for only PhP 799.00! (Regular price is PhP870.00)
photo from Mondelez Chocolates

The exclusive Toblerone Love Cards gift set includes:
2 bars 100g milk chocolate
1 bar 100g white chocolate
1 bar 100g dark chocolate
1 bar 100g crunchy almond
1 bar 200g milk chocolate

Whether you’re looking for a sweet, romantic gesture or just a fun way to show someone you care, Toblerone Love Cards will surely make them feel loved and appreciated. This Valentine’s Day, ditch the traditional box of chocolates and opt for something unique and delicious with Toblerone Love Cards!

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