It felt as if we were in a never-ending search for a good, sturdy, and hopefully easy-to-clean water bottle since our son started solids and drinking water.

Little boy with eye glasses having lunch with a water bottle
Our son’s water bottle needed replacing

We tried a couple of brands, and while they’re usually ok, we always have to replace the straw. It’s the first thing to go with a little boy trying to work through the habit of biting them.

Little boy reading a book with a bottle of milk.
This was one of his first water bottles and I replaced the straw with a metal one when it gave out.

Good thing we saw Contigo from a friend just before we replaced our son’s water bottle. Mark commented, “that looks so solid.” And it was! If you’ve been a parent for some time, you’d know your kids’ things should survive perennial drops, scratches, and whatnot.

Here are some things we like about Contigo Kids AUTOSPOUT water bottles:

1. AUTOSPOUT. Our son only needs to press a button to pop out the straw. It’s amusing for kids their age, but it’s intuitively designed so it’s easy for kids to drink.

Green and blue contigo water bottle with strap for kids
The Contigo AUTOSPOUT Waterbottle

2. Push spout to keep the mouthpiece clean. I was concerned with one of our son’s previous water bottles that didn’t have a cover. What about bacteria and dust? Contigo’s Kids water bottle has a cover feature that closes up the mouthpiece with an inward push.

Green and blue water bottle with a spout cover
The mouthpiece cover is pretty neat!

3. Full access cleaning. Grime quickly accumulates in the crevices inside the cover, and it’s pretty hard to get rid of them once they’re there. We’re happy to find out that Contigo’s lid can be disassembled for full-access cleaning.

Green and Blue water bottle with intact cover and straw
This feature makes our cleaning lives simple!

4. No loose parts. The straw disassembles like the rest of the lid. Yet it’s fastened, so we don’t have to worry about where the straw went after cleaning.

Green and blue kids water bottle with collapsible straw
Just pull off the straw and clean!

5. Solid mouthpiece for biters. Our son still needs to eliminate the biting-the-straw habit. Thankfully, the mouthpiece is solid and can resist them for longer.

Little boy smiling about his water bottle
He likes his Contigo water bottle

Of course, it’s sturdy yet lightweight, BPA-free, and doesn’t give a plastic taste or smell. The Contigo Kids AUTOSPOUT bottle is recommended for kids 3 years and above. Their official store is in Lazada and there are some resellers in Shopee.

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