Crispy lumpia with chewy tikoy and cheese inside? Delicious! Try this cheesy tikoy turon recipe!

Little boy with a box of tikoy
Our son’s nickname is Tikoy!

We have always enjoyed eating tikoy warm and lightly fried, until our friend introduced a better way to eat it–as tikoy turon with cheese! It’s a delicious sweet and mild salty flavor in every crispy bite!

Pan-fried tikoy
Pan-fried tikoy

Turon Ingredients

Cheesy tikoy turon
Cheesy tikoy turon

Eng Bee Tin Tikoy White (you can also try other flavors!)


Lumpia wrapper

Oil for frying


1. Slice thick sticks of tikoy and cheese (flavor might disappear if they’re thinly sliced).

A slice of tikoy
Slice them thickly
A sliced cheese for lumpia
Just put the sliced cheese on top

2. Wrap with lumpia wrapper. Make sure to seal the edges so the melted tikoy and cheese won’t leak too much while frying.

Wrapping lumpia
Wrap them as normally would
Make sure to tuck the edges tightly so the melted tikoy and cheese won’t leak while frying

3. Freeze for 1 to 2 hours before deep frying for a crunchier wrapper and so the tikoy and cheese won’t melt easily.

Deep frying lumpia
Deep fry until golden brown

4. Deep fry until golden brown. 

Melted cheese lumpia
This might happen to some pieces. Remove the melted parts right away and skim the oil from time to time so they won’t burn and affect the other pieces.

5. Drain excess oil by setting the fried tikoy and cheese turons in a “standing position.” Oil tends to settle in the middle so it’s best to prop them vertically for a few minutes so they won’t get too oily or get soggy too easily. 

Remove excess oil

6. Eat them while they’re warm!

Cheesy tikoy turon
The tikoy would have melted and coated the inside of the lumpia as well as the cheese.

To reheat, air fry at low temperature for 1-2 minutes—no need to spray oil on them. 

Eng Bee Tin tikoy

A box of tikoy white
We love Eng Bee Tin

We have tried several tikoy brands through the many Chinese New Years, and our favorite is Eng Bee Tin. We’re neither Chinese nor experts in tikoys, but we like its consistency best–not too sticky or goopy and not too sweet. It also helps that they’re now in Shopee and offers a wide range of flavors and other products! Order now and throw in a pack of ube hopia, will you? 

Nian Gao or tikoy
Happy Chinese New Year!


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