We never looked back when we discovered Bite Block’s DEET-free mosquito repellent lotion and use it for our son (and ourselves, too!).

Bite Block mosquito repellent products
We have always loved the Bite Block lotion since we discovered them!

If you’re living in a tropical country, keeping your kids protected from mosquito bites, and ultimately, Dengue Fever does not need an explanation.

Bite Block Mosquito Repellent
I feel equally repelled by Citronella in general, but all of their products are great!

On our quest to find the best, natural, and toxic free mosquito repellents we found that most of the products available equally repelled (sorry, not a Citronella fan). Thankfully, we discovered Bite Block Kids mosquito repellent lotion!

Bite Block Naturals lotion, spray, and scented patches
Bite Block Naturals come in lotion, spray, and scented patches

So we instantly loved Bite Block’s Mosquito Repellent lotion because it’s:


-pleasant, mild smell

-DEET free

-safe for babies 6 months old and above


-protects up to six hours

Bite Block has a wide range of natural mosquito repellent products, and we’re sure you’ll find a favorite too!

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