Our little family did another food crawl before the classes resumed. This time, we visited several restaurants and cafés in Phloen Chit Road, a busy district dotted with hotels, offices, malls, and food establishments.

Budget Food Crawl Guide

1. Look up popular places and hand pick at least 5 with different themes.

2. Places must be within walking distance of each other.

3. The eating must be spread out from lunch to dinner.

4. Order only 1-2 items from the menu to share.

The more people to share them with, the cheaper it gets. So invite more friends to join you!

Super Bowl Hong Kong Roast

First things first: lunch! So we officiated the food crawl with a dim sum lunch at Super Bowl Hong Kong Roast.

Hearty hongkong style beef soup with noodles
This hearty soup was a hit with our son!
This light and crispy dumplings were awesome!
Hagaw and Siu Mai dumplings in baskets
Of course we tried the Siu Mai and Hagaw
Iced chrysanthemum tea
Chrysanthemum tea can be an acquired taste. We like it better when iced.

What we ordered:
Deep-fried Crab Dumplings
Stewed Beef Hong Kong Style Noodles
Shrimp Siu Mai
Prawn Hagaw
A can of Coke Zero
Iced Chrysanthemum tea

Total bill: 456 THB

Here’s a reel of what we ate at Super Bowl Hong Kong Roast

The place was busy since office people flock the line of restaurants for lunch time. But Super Bowl’s wasn’t as crowded and turn overs were quick, thanks to their fast service.

 Super Bowl Hong Kong Roast is at 888, 56 Phloen Chit Rd, Khwaeng Lumphini, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330.


All seats were taken when we arrived (it was lunchtime). We returned an hour later, and we had the place all to ourselves!

Avoid the busy hours–lunch and dinner!

The hot chicken was giant and seriously spicy (we only ordered mild!). The dark beer chocolate cake was irresistible, the perfect dessert to put out the fire in our mouths together with their refreshing Arnold Palmer drink.

FOWLMOUTH spicy chicken and waffles
You can choose a level of spice
FOWLMOUTH dark beer chocolate cake
Never mind the calories! This dark beer chocolate cake is amazing!
The Arnold Palmer is half lemonade, half iced tea.
The Arnold Palmer is half lemonade, half iced tea.

What we ordered:
Fried chicken and waffles
Dark beer chocolate cake
Arnold palmer iced tea

Total bill: 528 THB

Visit FOWLMOUTH at 872 Phloen Chit Rd, Lumphini, Khet Patumwan, Bangkok 10330

Sarnies Roastery

Sarnies Roastery was easily our favorite pick among the places we tried. Primarily for its sourdough croissant. All we could say after our first bites were, “wow.” It’s flaky and incredibly buttery.

Look at how happy he is when the croissant arrived!

Another one was (although this was just me) the lemon extra virgin olive oil cake. It was so solid, moist, and had a grainy texture that I thought complimented its tangy, savory, and sweet taste.

Other things we tried at Sarnies Roastery

What we ordered:
Sourdough croissant
Lemon extra virgin olive oil cake

Total bill: 360

Sarnies Roastery in Phloen Chit
Sarnies Roastery
A pretty slice of lemon extra virgin olive oil cake
I’ll probably order this again on our next visit
Inside Sarnies Roastery's sourdough croissant
Inside Sarnies Roastery’s sourdough croissant

We found out that their brownies are one of the city’s best. Unfortunately, they were not available when we visited. We look forward to coming back for more.

Sarnies Roastery is located at 34 1 Soi Ton Son, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330


We were drawn to Wuanood for its interesting facade and interiors. We tried their best-seller, Signature kurobota pork over rice with egg and spicy pork cracklings. It’s served with a simple soup and comes in a big bowl.

Do not underestimate its spicy pork cracklings! We ordered them mild, yet it still delivered the kick.

What we ordered:

Signature kurobota pork over rice with egg and spicy pork cracklings.

Total bill: 179 THB

Madam Som Tum

We wanted to see what was special for this popular place serving som tum and other Thai food favorites. But we were trying to beat the rush hour, so we ordered a serving of som tum (which they prepared on the spot, as usually done all over Thailand), and a roasted pork shoulder.

Som Tum Table
They make the som tum right in front of you
Father and son waiting for their order in a thai restaurant
Waiting for our Som Tum
Madam Som Tum Menu
They offer classic Thai food

They were good, but we guess it’s much better when eaten in the restaurant.

What we ordered:
Som Tum
Grilled pork shoulder

Total bill: 160

Whenever you’re traveling to Thailand, never miss trying the food! It’s one of the best parts of the experience.

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