What parent wouldn’t want to prepare their kids for the future? When we scouted for schools for our son, the tuition fee started with five to six-digit figures.

First day of Kinder 2 photo
First day of Kinder 2!

How much more will they be when he enters university? Will we even be able to afford them without having to sell an arm or limb? Since then, we’ve been looking to build our son’s education fund that grows. Because simply saving will not be enough.

Wooden blocks play time
(Blocks) Construction time in school

Singlife x GCash Cash for Goals (Education)

If you’re thinking along these lines, Singlife’s Cash for Goals for Education is here for us! This amazingly convenient product is just in the Goals section of your GCash app.

Little boy showing a finance app
Singlife’s cash for goals is conveniently in the GCash app!

It’s a Smart Investment Fund that invests 100% of your money in a mix of Philippine fixed-income and equity classes. It’s managed by ATRAM, one of the leading asset management companies in the Philippines.

Singlife's Cash for Goals in GCash
Check out Singlife’s Cash for Goals in the Invest section of your GCash app

You can choose a monthly budget that works for you to keep your investment growing. It will also provide the target money for our child for college, in case we pass away.

Little boy in a rainy day outfit
Prepare for the rainy days!

So, open your Gcash now and start investing for your child’s future today!

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