Our son is night-potty trained! He is just two-months shy from turning five years old. Last night, we saw Tikoy climb out of our bed, head straight to the bathroom on his own, and go back to sleep right after like he’s a big boy.

Little boy sleeping on a white bed
He went right back to sleep. By the edge of the bed.

Teaching him to use the potty during day time was pretty easy when he was two years old–big thanks to cloth diapering!–but night-time potty training took much longer. We only let go of his night-time diapers last year when we noticed they’re usually dry. (Read our starting the potty training journey here.)

Little boy hugging a book while on a potty
Starting our potty training journey

Here’s what we did:

1. We set expectations. We told Tikoy we’re practicing his night-time potty. He understood that he no longer has a diaper at night and needs to wake us up whenever he feels that he needs to pee.

Ikea forsiktig step stool
We taught him how to use a step stool whenever he needs to pee.

2. We make sure he goes to the potty before bed (after storytime). Prevention is better than washing your whole set of beddings.

On My Potty Book by Leslie Patricelli
We read “On My Potty” by Leslie Patricelli to him when we started potty training

3. We expected the worst. We knew we were in for many “accidents,” so we secured our bed with a waterproof mattress protector and our favorite, @swaddiesph bed mats. Less mess to clean up!

Swaddies water absorbent bed mat
I lost count on how many times our Swaddies Water Absorbent Bed Mat saved the day!

4. We didn’t pressure Tikoy. We didn’t scold him for peeing on the bed, and we didn’t pressure him to have the discipline immediately. As for us, parents, let’s be compassionate toward ourselves and our kids. Stop comparing. We know each child has his or her own developmental pace. If your child isn’t ready, then he isn’t.

5. We celebrated small wins. We praised his efforts: “Good job telling mommy you need to pee!” and “Thank you for telling us you peed on the bed.”

Fisher-Price Royal Step Stool Potty Trainer.
A portable potty always helps. Get one that’s sturdy and doesn’t have sharp edges like the Fisher-Price Royal Step Stool Potty Trainer.

Keeping a portable potty nearby (wherever we were staying) has helped us in many ways, too, so we didn’t have to run to the bathroom whenever mother nature calls.

We hope this list helps every parent who’s planning to start, or going through potty training!

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