In the spirit of KonMari, Goodbye, Tikoy’s well-worn Crocs!

Worn pair of crocs for kids
Saying goodbye to this wonderful pair of Crocs.

This pair took on two years of kicks, bumps, slips, and scratches yet kept our son’s feet safe and free to move as any little boy should.

Little Asian boy in Thai costume
Crocs were just the perfect footwear from school to playground! (This is our son wearing their Thursday Thai costume)
Little boy riding a bike
Frankly, his Crocs served as breaks too.
Scratched crocs logo
The only “damage” after two years are these scratched logos on the sides.
Thinned out soles of Crocs clogs
And this slight pud-pod

Crocs clogs are one of those brands that are an excellent investment for kids.

This time, we’re trying their Lite Ride.

Crocs LiteRide
Trying the LiteRide this time
Non-slip insoles
Crocs slip resistant soles
Slip resistant soles

It has about PhP 1,000.00 difference, price-wise. But it’s much softer and lighter than the signature clog. We hope it lasts long!


-LiteRide foam footbeds for more comfort
-Super lightweight
-Upper covers are soft with MatLite technology, making it feel broken in already!

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