I have been secretly browsing the ESV Illuminated Scripture Journals in Book Depository, but shied away from buying a copy, thinking it’s too beautiful to tarnish with my untidy scrawls.

So I was touched when my small group leader gifted each one of us a copy of the Hebrews journal as we start our new series of Bible Study.

Ornamental calligraphies for journaling
The journal includes beautiful calligraphies in its pages

The Cover

Gold-ink illustrated cover
Ornate throne and flowers that represent grace: freesia, Queen Anne’s lace, cowslip, and oleander

The gold-ink illustrations by Dana Tanamachi for the cover depicts the whole point of Hebrews: that Jesus is enthroned, is God, acclaimed by the Father, and the ultimate high priest.


Includes the complete letter to the Hebrews

The letter to the Hebrews chapter 1
Whole chapters are included in alternate pages

With blank, dotted cream-colored pages for reflection and notes

Beautiful calligraphy on a journaling book
Dotted lines for journaling with calligraphies interspersed throughout the journal

Lay-flat binding

Lay flat binding
No need to worry about crease because it lays flat

Where to get it

The series is available in Book Depository. In our experience, delivery may take 2 weeks to more than a month depending on the availability of the books and is done through Phil Post. But you may also get a copy from Called to Disciple in Shopee.

Happy journaling!

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