We broke Tikoy’s two years of lockdown (in the Philippines) with a trip to Pattaya Sheep Farm, bringing to life the animals he only knew the sounds of from songs and pictures.

Pattay Sheep Farm Entrance
The entrance at Pattaya Sheep Farm
Free entrance for kids below 100 cm
Free entrance for kids below 100 cm
Wooden directions at the Pattaya Sheep Farm
Directions around the farm

The farm is a day trip worth activities for all ages with sightseeing and petting.

Family visiting Pattaya Sheep Farm
Can you spot our family?
A viewing deck in the middle of Pattaya Sheep Farm
The viewing deck in the middle of Sheep Farm

In the meantime, the farm doesn’t host their famous bird and animal shows. 

The Coffee Barn for snacks and ice cream
Kids will surely be tired and hungry after the tour. Grab a snack at The Coffee Barn.

The farm houses many animals. There are spaces dedicated to sheep, goats, and deers, but other animals roam freely. 

A sheep inside the fence
Cute sheep posed for a picture

We spent more time at the Old MacDonald area, where guests could pet the bunnies and feed the cows.

Old Mcdonald's farm at sheep farm pattaya
Old Mcdonald had a farm

A packet of animal food starts at THB 20, which is well worth the experience if you have kids about the same age as ours.

A crate of vegetables for feeding farm animals
Grab a bag of veggies! It’s worth the experience for little kids!
Feeding a cow at the sheep farm
Our little boy loved feeding the cow

Incidentally, his class just finished studying farm animals the previous week at school, so we think it helped maximize the learning. 

Mom and son spending time in a petting zoo
Spent time naming the bunnies
Deers at a sheep farm
Oh deer!

What’s a trip to the farm without a horse ride? Little kids can ride ponies around the farm. 

Little boy riding a pony
Our son enjoyed riding this pony
Little boy watching goats
Watching the little goats play around

Despite some of the attractions not being available yet, it has been a nice trip for our little boy. It’s a no-fuss trip that’ll surely be a hit for families with little children.

A smiling donkey
Hello, Donkey!
Monkey preparing to jump
This playful monkey jumped to us when we passed by!

We’re glad that the place was clean and uncrowded when we visited. Our group had a few older ates (older sisters) with us, and perhaps petting animals doesn’t lose its charm, no matter your age. 

Kids petting bunnies at a sheep farm

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