Has everybody cooked the Baked Feta pasta? We tried this viral TikTok recipe, and here’s what we think:

1. Some of the ingredients are hard to find, like the Feta cheese, but we’re glad to come across food blogger @rialitybites’ post on alternatives, so we were able to try it (finally). 

2. It’s a straightforward recipe. Something busy moms could keep in their back pockets for those busy Mondays. 

Baked Feta Pasta
Just pop it in the oven
Assembling the viral tiktok baked feta pasta recipe

3. Too much cheese is nakakaumay. But a squeeze of lemon or more basil can remedy it.

Fresh Basil on a wooden bowl
Basil adds a fresh taste to any dish

4. If you’re using cream cheese, add some more salt because it doesn’t have the distinct quality of Feta cheese.

A block of Emborg Cream Cheese
Creamy and tangy

5. The quality of the tomatoes is a game-changer. The fresher and sweeter the cherry tomatoes are, the better. 

Cherry tomatoes in a wooden bowl
Pick ripe cherry tomatoes

6. Ditch the dried chili peppers and replace them with good chili garlic.

Pantry staple: Serioso Chili Garlic
Seriosong maanghang! Bit.ly/serioso

7. It’s yummier with mushrooms. For a “meatier” taste, add some shiitake mushrooms!

Mixing the baked feta cheese pasta
Mix and serve!

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