Metro Manila was still under GCQ when I started to experience some sensitivity on my teeth. I refrain from going outside the house unless it’s an emergency, and I thought that the ngilo could be something I can ignore. 

However, as the days went by, I realized that the ngilo started to include some pain (albeit manageable) but it was getting worse. So I decided to call for a dentist’s appointment. Sadly, the nearby clinics didn’t entertain my inquiries, and thus, we sought after one who—fingers crossed—might agree for a check-up. 

Boy, was I relieved to have been able to book an appointment with tita Dr. Eden of Edentista clinic. I was already impressed as I went through their perfectly maximized Facebook appointment booking feature—something we didn’t experience from other clinics we tried—but more so, when tita responded immediately.


One of our other dentist friends mentioned that trips to the clinic aren’t recommended due to the risk of COVID19 (except for medical emergencies). Still, they do offer online consultations to determine if an appointment is necessary. After an exchange of teeth photos, tita Eden confirmed a slot for me. 

Facebook appointment confirmation screenshot

As I was happily waiting for my check-up, Metro Manila was declared under MECQ starting at midnight of my appointment date. This means that there will be no public transportation available and no possible ways for me to commute. I’d bike if I had to, except that the clinic was 12 kilometers away and would require me to ply EDSA or NLEX. No, thanks. 

I contemplated if I could endure the pain for another two weeks, and the answer came quickly as I took a sip of my coffee: I. Just. Can’t. And who knows, the MECQ might be extended after 14 days. So I sought after my plan Bs and Cs: the former was to try the nearby clinics again (to no avail), and the latter, take any slot tita Eden has on the day if she’ll have me. 

Thankfully, this last option worked. I was timid to ask first, but she was so welcoming and knew I needed help with my tooth.  

So here’s what I think about Edentista Clinic:

It’s Compliant with Measures Against COVID19 

They have a quaint and ready hand washing station, a foot bath, PPE for the patient, and practice sterilizing before and after an appointment. 

A quaint hand washing station

It’s Neat!

The first thing I said to myself when I came to the clinic was that it’s neat! I don’t know where I got the dark and dingy impression of dental clinics, but it was my first time coming to a bright and clean one, which would make any patient feel relaxed.

Dental chair

She Empathizes with the Patients

Tita walked me through the things that need to be done on my teeth and what to expect. She also gave me a sanitized sunnies to wear so the lamp overhead won’t irritate my eyes. 

I appreciated how she tells me that “this step might be uncomfortable,” or that “this solution will be very salty.” That way, I can at least brace myself and be ready to endure. 

She Thoroughly Explains Procedures

I just appreciate informative doctors and tita Eden didn’t miss out on explaining why I experienced pain on my tooth, and how to resolve it. At least, this appeased the sigurista in me that I’m in safe (and clean) hands. 

She also gave free tips on taking care of Tikoy’s teeth at the end of our session. And since plants surrounded her clinic, I also scored a couple of siling labuyo on my way out. 😉

A group photo of dental clinic patients in masks in the new normal
A groupfie with tita Dr. Eden

Make your smile bloom today with Edentista Dental Clinic! You may inquire and book your appointments through


75 Road 1, Project 6, 1110 Quezon City

Services offered: 

General dentistry


Clear Aligners

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