We’re transitioning Tikoy from his well-loved chewbrush into a standard one as his teeth require a thorough clean now that he’s eating a lot more. 

We tried kiddie brushes from other brands, and their performance saddened us. They tend to wear out quickly from Tikoy’s biting, and the bristles weren’t even soft, quite an ironic matter since kids’ gums and teeth need gentle care. 

Nature to Nurture's Wheat Straw Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush
Nature to Nurture’s Wheat Straw Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush

After having to replace his toothbrushes for several times in a row, we decided to look for choices made by experts in baby and toddler products. Our searching led us to Nature to Nurture, a Filipino brand that utilizes plant-based ingredients for a clean and safe home.

So we decided to give their Wheat Straw Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush a try and here’s what we like about it: 

It uses an Eco-friendly PVC-free handle made of 30% wheat straw.

We’re all for products that are kinder to the planet, including Tikoy’s things. What’s more, PVC, which is commonly used in many single-use plastics and other items, is toxic and causes harm to people and the environment throughout its lifecycle. We’re glad this toothbrush rids us of a couple of worries by choosing a safe and eco-friendly alternative. 

It has customized handles long enough for toddlers. 

Minimalist toothbrush handle

We like that Nature to Nurture didn’t go for a one-size-fits-all for their brushes and that it came in two different sizes suitable for your toddler’s stage. Tikoy’s was for 0-3 years old that’s about 4 inches. Just the right length for him to reach his back teeth, and not too long to cause any untoward incidents. 

The handle is also smooth and rounded, so it’s easy to grip for little hands.

It has carbon charcoal-infused BPA-free soft bristles.

Their soft and thin bristles are gentle on our toddler’s gums and can reach tight spaces to remove dirt and bacteria effectively. We’re also happy to learn that their BPA-free bristles absorb less water, lessening the probability of bacteria to breed! 

We’re pleased with our Nature to Nurture experience. We like that it can stand Tikoy’s biting habits (we’re still working on helping him unlearn this), and since the bristles are soft and are more flexible than synthetic ones, it didn’t give out so quickly. 

You can purchase them from their official stores at Shopee and Lazada

Check out our unboxing video!

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