Our friend introduced us to Nosh! Baby Munchables when Atticus had 4 teeth already and more were evidently coming out.

For some reason, he doesn’t like his teether and so relieves his teething pain by munching on bread, fruits, pieces of cloth, toys, bags, and sometimes, his parents. Around this time, he still wasn’t holding food on his own so it was up to us to put the soothies in his mouth.

I have been seeing a lot of ads on Nosh! Organic Baby Munchables and were contemplating to buy them because of its many features and good reviews.

Nosh! Organic Baby Munchables are made with all natural and certified organic ingredients and comes in different fun flavors like Strawberry and Beet, Pomegranate and Blueberry, Banana and Mango, Simply Rice, and more. As a teething wafer for babies, it’s perfectly safe as it:

  • Dissolves easily
  • Free of 8 common allergens
  • Has no artificial colors or flavors

In one of our play dates, our friend brought a box of Munchables for Atticus to try, and when he saw his friend, Yan Yan, feeding herself with a wafer, did the same. Hurrah! He finally fed himself!

However, it was always out of stock. I heard they’re also sold out instantly in baby and mom bazaars.

A box comes with 13 individually packed wafers (2 pieces per pack) which is perfectly handy for whenever we go out. I usually bring 2 packs for our baby’s snack.


Atticus loves Nosh! He immediately pops it in his mouth whenever we give him one. It was a little bland when we tasted them ourselves, but I guess it was meant to be so since it’s designed for babies and doesn’t come with additional artificial flavorings.

At Php 215.00 per box, It comes out as PhP 16.50 per pack, so it’s not so bad for the budget. We still prefer giving Atticus fresh fruits and veggies for snacks as an alternative gum soother, but we keep a box in stock for going out for convenience.

The downside to it is that it easily breaks. But this is something I don’t really mind (unless it gets powdered) because we break off the wafer before giving it to Tikoy as he tends to play or throw the extra piece.

So far, we only see three flavors available in the market: Strawberry and Beet, Pomegranate and Blueberry, Banana and Mango, and Simply Rice. We’re on the lookout for the other flavors to come so our baby can try them.

Since they sell like hotcakes and is almost always out of stock in Lazada and Shopee, we discovered that Beauty MNL has more stocks in hand and gets delivered surprisingly fast. I ordered the night before at 10:00 pm and it arrived the next morning. Amazing.

5 replies on “Organic Teething Wafers

  1. I’m quite reluctant about feeding my baby ready-made foods but since it’s organic, I’ll definitely let my baby try this one too once he learned how to chew properly (since I’m paranoid of him getting choked hehe).


  2. I tried this also mommy, bigay nung friend ko. Super love ng baby ko. Sana makaavail ulit ako nito, recommended nyo po pala ito and loved also by Tikoy. 😄
    Thanks for sharing more personal thoughts and futher review on this product .


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