We learned early on that Atticus loved anything with wheels. He likes playing with his toy cars. Once, we caught him playing with the wheels of his stroller. So when we discovered Hola Toys last October, we knew we have found the perfect Christmas gift for our baby.


Hola is an Australian toy company that aims to craft products that encourage curiosity, learning, creativity and family bonds through interaction and play.


The toy vehicle set includes a dump truck, a beetle car, a racing car, a fire truck, an airplane and a train. Abi and I love the toys’ minimalist design with only plain and flat colors.


 Atticus loves tracing his toys with his fingers so we are always on the lookout for sharp edges on his toys. So it’s great that it has curved edges and a smooth finish. 



The toy vehicles are compact and easy to carry. Since it has no stickers or small parts, the toys are easy to clean too.

True to their mission, Hola identifies these skills* that can be developed by young learners during play:

Cognitive skills

This vehicle set helps toddlers to learn about different modes of transport. Also, we can teach Atticus the concepts of colors and simple machines.



Each vehicle has different features, which encourages role play and stimulates imagination. So we make different sounds for each car so that Atticus will notice the difference among them. Broom, broooom!


Motor skills

Children can move, arrange and interact with the toy vehicles. This helps to improve children’s motor skills and sense of direction.


Hand-to-eye coordination

The vehicles can be moved in different directions, which helps to improve hand-to-eye coordination and exercise the hand muscles. We also like the matte finish of the toy because Atticus can have a better grip on them.

*Skills identified and defined by Hola Toys for the vehicle set

Hola toys can be bought from leading Philippine toy stores and Lazada.



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