Where was Lactezin during my teenage years? My face was peppered with mild acne during high school, and it was like rubbing salt to my already injured self-esteem. Thankfully, I’m overcoming insecurities by God’s grace. But it sure would have been a great way to keep those pesky, sometimes painful zits at bay! Anyway, we can now put our #bestfaceforward thanks to Lactezin, #thepimpleexpert !

About Lactezin

Lactezin is the first ever over-the-counter acne treatment in the Philippines. It targets pimples and acne from their root cause and prevents them with Lactoferrin, an all-natural antibacterial ingredient powered with Vitamin E and Zinc for clearer, healthier skin that shows results in just two weeks. 

Lactezin’s Natural Ingredients

Lactoferrin is a natural substance found in human breast milk and also occurs in other bodily fluids from the eye, nose, respiratory tract, and intestine. Lactoferrin is also present in infant formula to simulate breast milk. It fights pimple-causing bacteria and reduces inflammation and oiliness. Plus, it improves the immune system!

Vitamin E is the most natural and common antioxidant that prevents the sun and free-radical damage while keeping skin moisturized and promoting elasticity. Note: Vitamin E in Lactezin capsules does not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Zinc is a mineral that improves the skin’s appearance by regulating oiliness and reducing inflammation. It also builds the immune system to fight off infections and helps skin heal faster. Note: Zinc in Lactezin capsules does not exceed the recommended daily dose.

A purple ecobag with anti pimple medicines
The Pimple Expert

How to Take Lactezin

Reduce pimples and mild to moderate acne in just two weeks by taking 1 Lactezin capsule twice a day at least 8-14 hours apart. Meals are not required.

Based on their clinical studies, pimples may still appear in some cases while starting to take Lactezin for the first 14 days. But pimples and acne disappear with continued use and prevent a recurrence. 

A box of pimple medicine capsules in purple sachets
A box of Lactezin capsules

Important Note: Many factors could contribute to acne, and the treatment effects depend on an individual’s acne. Overall, pimple and acne conditions were reduced in people who took Lactezin.

Is it safe for male and female teens and pregnant and breastfeeding women? Some important notes about taking Lactezin: 

-Lactezin is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, being GRAS (generally regarded as safe) by the US FDA for using natural ingredients.

-Safe for male and female teenagers 13 years old and above (Lactezin is proven effective with no side effects after being clinically tested in the 13 to 20 y/o age group).

-Safe for lactose intolerant individuals, as Lactoferrin in each Lactezin capsule is highly purified in few quantities. It does not cause symptoms associated with lactose intolerance.

-Safe to take with other multivitamins and supplements, but check Zinc and Vitamin E amounts to ensure you’re not exceeding the daily limit.

-Must not be taken with antibiotic medication at the same time.

Important reminder: It is best to consult your doctor before taking Lactezin. Order from Lazada below!

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