What’s great about being in our 30s is that our sense of style become more defined and refined. We know what works for us, what flatters our body type, and what we feel confident and comfortable in.

Woman wearing a chic black jumpsuit
We know what we want: airy, chic, soft jumpsuits!

As for me, I have always gravitated toward neutral colors and classic pieces. I like outfits I could rotate in my wardrobe for years and clothes I won’t regret seeing in pictures when I look back ten years later. 😂

Confident woman wearing a jumpsuit
Subtle yet chic

However, finding clothes that fit my personal style and budget hasn’t always been easy. That’s why I was thrilled to discover Your Fundamentals, a Filipina start-up clothing line providing comfortable yet chic clothes for women of all ages, especially those in their 30s and beyond.

Woman flipping her hair
The perfect casual jumpsuit

What I love about Your Fundamentals is that their pieces are designed to be versatile and timeless. From jumpsuits to sleek trousers and flattering dresses, their collection offers something for every occasion and every personal style. And the best part? Their clothes are budget-friendly, so you can look and feel your best without breaking the bank.

Your Fundamentals clothing
Your Fundamentals clothing

Your Fundamentals understand the transformative power of clothing and how it helps us feel confident and comfortable in what we wear, and that’s the kind of feeling that the want every woman to experience.

Simple yet chic clothing for every woman
Simple yet chic clothing for every woman

So if you’re looking to build a wardrobe that’s both stylish and practical, I highly recommend checking out @yourfundamentals on IG. With their simple and chic pieces, you’ll be able to create a wardrobe that looks and feels good every time.

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