Our son enjoyed Little Ville, the wooden toy portion teaming with PlanToys products for smaller kids at Harbor Land. He stayed there the whole time! While Harbor Land is a fantastic playground for kids, we felt we should look for other play places filled with age-appropriate developmental toys that suit him better. It’ll be well worth his time and, as for the parents–value for money. (wink) 

Entering Forest of Play in Sathorn, Bangkok
Forest of Play in Sathorn
Wooden ball pit
Wooden ball pit

Forest of Play

Good thing Mark discovered that there is such a place! Forest of Play by PlanToys is a nature-inspired play area in Bangkok and Trang, Thailand, for a play-based, interactive experience for kids. 

Here’s a sneak peek of Forest of Play in Sathorn, Bangkok

Kids are free to explore the two-floor play areas filled with PlanToys items and other custom-designed activities (using left-over factory materials!) made to inspire independent and imaginary play. 

Wooden elephant rides
Wooden elephant rides
Wooden jungle play
Climb up and down!
Cute beehive game for kids
Bring the bees home!
Little boy playing wooden toy vehicles
He loves vehicles
PlanToys sets
So many PlanToys, so little time!
A wall for cogs and wheels
A wall for cogs and wheels
A wooden house with colorful windows
Everything is so cute!

There are two floors of segmented play areas at Forest of Play in Sathorn, Bangkok. The second floor has more pieces for smaller kids, a wooden jungle, a dome with periscope, teepee tent and a lot of spaces of open-ended play. Anything kids can tinker with and encourage parallel, if not collaborative play. 

Wooden farming planting toy
Time to harvest!
Wooden Cafe & Restaurant toy
Cafe & Restaurant
Wooden toy grocery
Grocery time!

The third floor on the other hand, has a designated reading area complete with tables, and the rest have spaces for themed role plays: bakery, barber shop, grocery, clinic, and a mini farm. 

How to Book

Head over to https://th.plantoys.com/pages/forest-of-play-bkk and book a slot. Only 10 pax are allowed per 2-hour session (including adults)

Operating Hours: 

Forest of Play : Open Tue-Sun (Closed on Mondays)

The Forest of Play has limited hours:

      1st Round : 10:00 – 12:00 P.M.

      2nd Round : 01:00 – 03:00 P.M.

      3rd Round 03:00 – 05:00 P.M.


2-Hour pass: 300 THB (1 Child with 1 adult) 

All Day Pass: 450 THB

Extra adult fee: 100 THB/person

Covid Restrictions

As of October 2, 2022, Forest of Play requires negative ATK tests before playing. Participants must always wear a mask. 

About PlanToys

PlanToys live by “Better kids, better play through sustainable play.” It was founded in Thailand in 1981 to inspire optimism, creativity, and passion for sustainability in kids and families through play. 

PlanToys are designed to assist in children’s physical and cognitive development through every milestone. Their toys are made sustainably, from sourcing materials to manufacturing, to promote this mindset in every child.

Other Services

You can also shop for PanToys sets, as well as have your PlanToys fixed at their Toy Clinic. 

You can recreate these areas at home with PlanToys!

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