Indulge us, first-time parents—we didn’t have a chance to celebrate Tikoy’s birthday in class until now, so we thought we’d go for it with a simple candle blowing and donuts. It’s easy and budget-friendly!

Here are our hacks in hosting an easy and budget-friendly class birthday celebration:

Simple class birthday celebration
Everything was fuss-free. Their teacher simply rounded up the class, sang the birthday song, and then they ate on their own tables.

1. Bake a small cake. It doesn’t have to be fancy. Cake mixes are a great option, or you can buy a simple one from a bakery. 

5 year old birthday Chocolate cake topped with sprinkles
Everything looks happier with a ton sprinkles

2. Order donuts! It’s easy to get and share and is always a hit with kids. Choose a classic flavor for less mess. Watch out for promos before checking out. Tikoy’s teacher suggested cutting the donuts in half since most K2 kids couldn’t finish a whole piece, but they could surely ask for seconds. More savings!

A box of tim horton's classic chocolate donuts for sharing
We ordered a dozen of old fashions donuts so they’re more compact. Fancier ones tend to get more messy.

3. Make it more fun with cheap party hats. The kids liked them and took them home. The class has a special crown for birthday boys and girls. 

Black polka dot kiddie party hat with a green pom pom
The party hats were a last minute thing. Good thing it arrived quickly!

We got cheap party hats that are easy to assemble with cute fuzzy pom poms on top from Shopee.

The best part about organizing these simple things is seeing how happy your child is!

Little boy blowing a birthday candle
Blow the candle! We actually fanned it off.

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