We decided to visit Ari, Bangkok, a popular food district that’s lined with restaurants ranging from hole-in-the-walls, cafés and fine dining spots. It’s our first time going around Bangkok since moving to Thailand, so a food trip sounded like a great idea. After all, it’s what we enjoy most in the country. (Check out our list of favorites here)

Dad and son waiting for their donuts
Drop by Dough was closed the first time we went.

Budget Food Crawl Guide

1. Look up popular places and hand pick at least 5 with different themes.

2. Places must be within walking distance of each other.

3. The eating must be spread out from lunch to dinner.

4. Order only 1-2 items from the menu to share.

Mom and son getting fluffy souffle pancakes
Glad our little boy is game for a food trip!

Fats and Angry

Diner themed burger joint
Gump’s Ari houses a number of cafés and restaurants

The first stop was Fats and Angry, a social media-famous burger joint for its diner-inspired interiors.

Waiting for burgers
Waiting for our burgers
It captured the theme so well
Diner counter
Get fats here
Diner themed burger place
We love the light details
Fat people club light sign
Fat people club

We were surprised that they were actually good. We had our share of disappointing experiences, but Fats and Angry serves straightforward burgers, and even the smiley fries and milkshake (which are usually all frills and no substance for some) were delicious. 

Cheeseburger and smiley fries
California Burger and smiley fries
Strawberry milkshake topped with whipped cream and sprinkles
Strawberry milkshake

What we ordered:

California Cheeseburger Combo (California cheeseburger, milkshake, and smiley fries) 380 THB

Sprite 35 THB

Total bill: 415 THB

Le Paris Croissant

Little boy waiting for his croissant
Inside Le Paris French Croissant

Le Paris Croissant wasn’t on our list of places to visit in our Ari food crawl, but it was a few steps away from our first stop, so we thought, why not finish off our delicious burger meal with our favorite pastry?

We let our son decide which croissant to get, and the boy replied quickly (in a duh! tone) with, “Matcha!” and hurried to take his seat. (He’s currently obsessed with sitting on benches)

Craquelin Matcha Croissant with cream filling
Craquelin Matcha N Cream

The croissant was delicious! Flaky, buttery, and was a play of texture with the matcha Craquelin on top for that subtle crunch in every bite along with a fine mixture of matcha filling and cold cream—the latter was a pleasant surprise that took it to another level!

Cheesy Shokupan
Cheesy Shokupan

Mark tried the cheesy Shokupan as well. It has a sweetish cheesy topping to go with the lightly toasted yet fluffy Japanese bread.

This has been our best croissant experience in Thailand so far.

What we ordered:

Craquelin Matcha N Cream 135 THB

Cheesy Shokupan Toast 100 THB

Total bill: 235 THB

Kenn’s Coffee & Croissant

Little boy browsing croissants
Inside Kenn’s Coffee & Croissant
Plain butter croissant
Plain butter croissant
Iced Thai Coffee
Iced Thai Coffee

We went for another croissant at Kenn’s Coffee & Croissant. They have a broader line of savory croissants, coffee, and drinks. I got myself a strong, cold Thai Coffee, and Tikoy finished the butter croissant almost all to himself. But we thought we could give it another try and pick another flavor. The café is connected to its sibling, Katie Chocolaterie.

What we ordered:

Plain Croissant 65 THB

Thai Coffee 85 THB

Total bill: 150 THB

Pak Nang

Pak Nang traditional southern Thai cuisine restaurant
Pak Nang Restaurant
Pak Nang's Homey Interiors
Pak Nang’s Homey Interiors

Pak Nang is a traditional southern Thai cuisine with rich, spicy dishes. We ordered their “Magical Tea,” an ensemble of a pot of blue ternate tea with shooters of lime juice and honey. Customers “perform” the magic by mixing them and turning the tea from blue to purple. It’s a great little experiment for kids. 

Blue ternate tea set with lime and honey
Magical Tea
Grilled chicken, squid, and shrimp in kor-lae sauce served with turmeric sticky rice
Grilled chicken, squid, and shrimp in kor-lae sauce served with turmeric sticky rice
Pak Nang noodles served with Southern Thai grilled shrimp in kor-lae sauce
Pak Nang noodles served with Southern Thai grilled shrimp in kor-lae sauce
Thai omelette with spicy sauce and fried basil
Thai omelette with spicy sauce and fried basil

As for the parents, we chose 1 dish each, seeing that the price point was higher than what we’re used to for meals. Later, we discovered that it was only because the servings were good for sharing. We stuffed ourselves silly trying to finish what we ordered. 

Tip: If you are dining with kids, ask for “mai phed” dishes, as the choices are mostly hot.

What we ordered:

Magical Tea 120 THB

Ruam Kor-lae Bann Paknang Khaoneaw Kamin Horm (Grilled chicken, squid, and shrimp in kor-lae sauce served with turmeric sticky rice) 280 THB

Kai Jiew Prik Kaeng Tai Bai Horapa Krob (Thai omelette with spicy sauce and fried basil) 140 THB

Mhee Pak Nang (Pak Nang noodles served with Southern Thai grilled shrimp in kor-lae sauce) 250 THB

Total bill: 790 THB

Josh Kaffa

Ambient boutique café
Ambient boutique café

We had breakfast at Josh Kaffa, a boutique café and in-house restaurant of Josh Hotel (read our review here). It has all the ambience, and I should point out, good music that set the mood as we tucked into our toast and sipped our coffee. We love the “meatiness of the mushrooms and the strong coffee. 

toast with mushrooms and sunny side up
“Meaty” mushrooms on toast
American breakfast
American Friend
capuccino foam art
A very strong cup of capuccino

What we ordered:

American Friend

Sunny and Ham Salad

Thai Milk Tea


Total bill: Breakfast was complimentary, but if you want to add, it’s 250 THB per head. 

Fuu Soufflé

Fuu Homemade Souffle Pancakes
Fuu Homemade Souffle Pancakes
Sign saying "so fluffy!"
So Fluffy!

It was time for post-breakfast dessert with Fuu’s super fluffy and jiggly soufflé pancake. We tried their Tiramisu with Banana Caramel, and it took us to the clouds. 

Tiramisu souffle pancakes with caramelized banana
Tiramisu soufflé pancakes with banana caramel

What we ordered:

Tiramisu with Banana Caramel 245 THB

Total bill: 245 THB

Thong Smith Siamese Boat Noodles

What initially drew us to this boat noodle place was its impeccable branding. Our decision to have lunch there was affirmed by its busy tables came 11:00 am, and a line of food delivery bikes awaiting their orders. 

Menu with hand drawn illustrations
The menu

The staple street food got its name from the ladies who sold them from their boats laden with steaming pots of broth, tender meat, pork balls, spices, and greens. 

A bowl of boat noodles with side basil leaves and bean sprouts
A bowl of boat noodles

The broth is one of a kind, being made with bone broth, fermented soy bean paste, aromatics, and pork or cow’s blood. It’s a tangy and rich concoction, and you can customize it with your preferred level of spiciness, noodles, and toppings. 

Roselle juice with dates
Roselle juice with dates
Icy Chrysanthemum drink
Chrysanthemum slush

We also ordered Thai drinks, the Roselle Tea Drink with Dates and icy Chrysanthemum drink. Thong Smith is a high end version of this otherwise cheap meal, but it was worth the try.

What we ordered:

Boat Noodles with Braised Pork, Pork Ball, and Sliced Pork 139 THB (Large bowl also available at 179 THB)

Chrysanthemum slush 89 THB

Roselle Juice 69 THB

Grilled Pork ball 119 THB

Total bill: 635 THB

Drop by Doughs

We concluded our Ari, Bangkok Food Crawl with a takeaway bag of Drop by Dough Donuts. It’s a tiny shop that seats about six customers at a time, and also serves ice cream. 

Inside Drop by Dough
Inside Drop by Dough

The donuts were huge and cakey, and didn’t scrimp on the flavor. Not to mention, they offer artisan choices and fancy food art. 

fancy raspberry and rose donut
Raspberry Rose Donut
Matcha and almond donut
Another Matcha number for our son: Kyoto Matcha & Almond

What we ordered:

Raspberry Rose 95 THB

Kyoto Matcha & Almond 115 THB

Total bill: 210 THB

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