Store-bought chili garlic sauces are usually disappointing in our experience. Have you ever tasted ones that are slightly burnt, weirdly acidic, rancid-ish, or in some cases, flavor-less and spice-less at all? 

An open bottle of Serioso Chili Garlic
Chili garlic bits are under oil to prevent spores, spoilage, and so you can drizzle the oil to your rice, soup, or pasta.

It’s a shame since garlic and chilies are aromatic gifts to the palette. Wouldn’t it taste a hundred times better when they’re cooked to a crisp, letting all of those beautiful flavors marry, so when you add it to your food, it enhances the taste and adds a layer of texture? 

A close up look of what's inside a bottle of Serioso Chili Garlic.
Aromatic, crispy, and seriously spicy–that’s how we like our chili garlic.

That’s our inspiration for Serioso Chili Garlic: having an accessible, versatile, and seriously spicy condiment that delivers deliciousness and a kick to any food. 

Serioso Chili Garlic's minimalist label.
We designed the label to be minimalist kasi Serioso kami.

After a couple of test recipes, we came up with one that we would eat ourselves. We started selling them to our friends and relatives, and they agreed: it’s pretty good. Whether they said it not to hurt our feelings, it boosted and compelled us to upload our products in Shopee. We kept selling them until other people aside from Mark’s ex-students were buying Serioso Chili Garlic. We then added the tagline: “Seriosong maanghang. Matapang at kaya kang ipag-laban. Di gaya ng ex mo.” It was the height of hugot lines, so please don’t judge. 😆

Medyo Serioso Mild Chili Garlic bottles
Medyo Serioso Chili Garlic comes in two sizes: 100g and 200g bottles

It wasn’t much of an income stream. We were happy to sell five bottles a month, and there was vast room to grow. In fact, in December 2019, we thought of stopping the production since no one was buying them. Until the horrors of 2020 happened, we saw the rise of re-sellers with it. Serioso Chili Garlic reached more people, and the suggestions came about toning the spice level down, and we listened. Later, we introduced a chunkier and milder recipe: Medyo Serioso Chili Garlic. It served another clientele for which we jokingly wrote this tagline: “Para sa di kayang mag-commit. Este, di kaya ang sobrang maanghang.” 😆

Mushroom Serioso is made with real Shiitake Mushrooms that add a "meatier" taste to our chili garlic.
Mushroom Serioso is made with real Shiitake Mushrooms that add a “meatier” taste to our chili garlic.

The Serioso Chili Garlic family grew with the new additions: Mushroom Serioso and Serioso Honey. The former, our mild recipe with real Shiitake mushrooms, which creates a “meatier” taste to your dishes. On the other hand, the latter is becoming more popular as chili-infused honey goes well with pizzas, cheeses, charcuterie, fried chicken wings, vinaigrette crackers chips, and more. We have one customer who even adds it to her vanilla ice cream!

Serioso Honey Chili Infused Hot Spicy Honey
Chili-infused spicy honey


Serioso Chili Garlic is keto-friendly. Our ingredients are chili, garlic, and coconut oil. We don’t add any salt or flavor enhancers. Serioso has only 1.9 grams of carbohydrates for every tablespoon and 2.8 grams for Medyo Serioso. 

Locally Sourced

Our dream has always been to support our local farmers. All of our ingredients are sourced directly from a farm in Tarlac. While we don’t get them by the ton just yet, we’re happy to connect to a farmer, thereby adding food to their table whenever we order from them. We hope that our effort will not only be a tiny drop in the ocean in the future. 

Serioso Chili Garlic Gift Sets in native, hand woven boxes
“Tampipi” is a native, hand-woven box made by the skillful hands

For the recent holiday, we tapped a community of weavers in Laguna to create our tampipi gift boxes, so that’s something our customers can smile about whenever they purchase to spread the Christmas cheer. 

You may read our customer’s reviews at

Where to buy Serioso Chili Garlic

Support our small and local business by ordering through our Shopee store, or you may also place your order through our Instagram account

For orders made outside of Shopee:

  1. Message us your orders at @seriosochiligarlic.
  2. Confirm your orders by paying first (BDO/GCash).
  3. Give us ample time to prepare your items. 
  4. Book the same-day delivery option of your choice (Grab/Lalamove/Mr. Speedy/Angkas). 

Location pin is Serioso Chili Garlic Maysan Valenzuela. 

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