We’ve been sleeping on the ground floor for our first two years with Tikoy because the thought of carrying a baby through a flight of stairs is just unsettling. When our son turned two, however, we decided to move to our bedroom upstairs. We agreed to have a minimalist approach to the room, accentuated with mostly grays and browns. Over the months, we thought of adding something to our bare walls. At first, we looked for hanging cabinets or floating shelves. But to refrain from extra work (like drilling) and ensuring that the frames are not crooked, we started looking for standing organizers.

We first encountered YORI on Instagram. The bright yellow theme and cartoon version of their furniture caught our attention. And the cat! There was always the cat–YORI’s mascot. So without any second thoughts, we decided to get the Okura Shelf; it is a four-tiered shelf that can hold your books, house plants, and any item you want to display. 

Yori DIY furniture branding with cat mascot
Cute, right? Photo from Yori’s Instagram

DIY Furniture

YORI’s slogan is that they are for “better DIY furniture” for the starter homeowner. On the Okura box, it said that it would take 45 minutes to assemble. So, we put it to the test. In the end, it took us about two hours to put it all together. And a word of advice: it won’t be easy to set up the Okura shelf on your own. Unless if you’re a DIY master, maybe?

Building Yori Okura Shelf

It comes with Free Mini Tools.

We appreciate that the package comes with two tools to tighten the bolts and screws. It’s suitable for starter homeowners who don’t have a collection of hand tools yet.

Free mini tools with Yori Okura
Free mini tools with Yori Okura

It is stable.

It is not a heavy-duty shelf, but it’s not flimsy either. It looks stable and can hold a considerable number of plant pots and books.

Side angle of Yori Okura shelf
Our shelf currently holds 4 plant pots, diffuser, and books

It is aesthetically appealing

The shelf is pretty on its own. You don’t need to fill it with so many things because it was intended to look that it could “breathe.” 

Minimalist shelf with plants and white books

The price is right.

 Its price falls within the entry to mid-level range. For a minimalist and elegant shelf, PhP 2,500.00 is not bad.


  • Made of light oak melamine-faced chipboard panels 
  • Frame is made of steel with electric coating 
  • Flat-packed components and materials 
  • 4 tiers 
  • For organizing or displaying any free-standing items
  • Measurements: L 34 x W 32.5 x 148 cm 
  • SKU Code: HWP-10419121
Check our our unboxing video

We purchased our Yori Okura Shelf from shopsm.com. It took a while to be delivered, given the pandemic, but they also offer the convenience of click & collect for those who prefer pickups. The Okura Self is currently out of stock at the SM online store (other designs available), but you can also order from Lazada at a different price.

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