We’re all going to be covered up with face masks for quite some time, why not don a nice one?

More than just the oar

Regatta  navy blue face mask with the famous oar logo
Is it more than just the oar?

Perhaps a lot would agree when we say that most people would buy anything with Regatta’s spiffy oar logo. The icon makes the difference! True enough, their newly launched face masks were sold out in an hour.

Is it really more than just the oar, though? We were able to buy a few pieces for the household just before it was all swiped out. Let’s see.

What we like about it:

It actually fits

Mark always complains about face masks not fitting him. Finally one does.

There’s been a shortage of masks since the Taal volcano eruption and much of what’s available in the market are mostly misshapen–one ear loop goes through, and the other, not at all. Most are too tight and can hurt the ears. We’re glad Regatta’s had enough length so it can fit snuggly on the ears.

black face mask ear loop
The ear loop is smooth and has the right length so even when it’s stretched, it doesn’t hurt the ear.

It has a filter pocket

back side of Regatta's face mask with filter pocket.
Simply insert the filter and straighten

Early on, we learned that washable cloth masks don’t filter bacteria and viruses because they can pass through the fibers. Still, it’s better than having nothing at all. However, this ushered in the popularity of disposable filter inserts that effectively complements the reusable masks.

In our experience, the filter didn’t sit well with regular cloth masks so this addition of a filter pocket serves the pain point and the awkward feeling of having a loose insert on your lips and nose.

It has good quality material

Striped reusable facemask by Regatta
Simple and versatile

We’ve practically tried every mask in the market and to our dismay, most were crudely executed with irritating rough textures. For Regatta’s masks, however, they used woven cloth and CVC cotton (basically, what your shirt is made of) so it’s comfortable on the skin.

It stays true to its branding

Wearing a navy blue reusable face mask
Of course, we have one in navy blue!

Regatta is known as a leisurewear brand with classic and relaxed style. Their masks exude minimalist and functional design that you can easily match with any outfit. It’s interesting how they carried on their branding on something as simple as “just a mask”.

Going back to our question, “Is it more than just the oar?” Definitely. We’re all for quality and long term usage of our purchases and Regatta’s face masks are one of them. Also, they’re a local brand! It’s a good idea to support them these days.

You can get Regatta face masks through the links below:

Lazada: https://bit.ly/3ljkWBt

Shopee: https://bit.ly/30P0cYI

Zalora: https://bit.ly/30KEJ3a

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