milkfish belly topped with garlic and chives
How can Manam’s bangus belly be crispy, moist and buttery all at the same time?
Photo from @manamph

We’re fans of Manam’s Overloaded Bangus Belly. So the mom tried to bring the Manam goodness at home. Here’s our version.


1 boneless bangus




Salt & Pepper

Chopped chives (topping)

Crispy garlic chips (topping)


  1. Season the bangus with calamansi, salt, and pepper and set aside
  2. Mix chopped garlic in softened butter and spread on top of the bangus
  3. Cook in the oven or broiler until it’s cooked. We can tell that this is so when the surface turns brown
  4. Top with crispy garlic chips and chives
  5. Serve hot!

So, we’re not really sure about their technique on how to make it such, but this is what a normal person can do at home and is enough to satisfy the cravings. 🙂

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