Any new parent would know that when buying new baby shirts, one has to check if there are tags stitched inside. These tags are often bothersome to babies. It’s itchy, sharp, and may cause some skin rashes. So if there are tags, I get a pair of scissors or cutter and gently remove them.

Being constantly curious, I am fascinated at how baby brands like Baby Gap, Uniqlo and Carters respond to this pain point. When I see these smartly designed products, I feel that they truly care about our baby.

For Baby Gap, the tag is stitched outside.


Carters, on the other hand, use digital heat transfer printing instead of cloth tags.


Some Baby Gap shirts also use this kind of technology too.


Finally, for Uniqlo, the tags are stitched on the side and which can also be cut out.



Also, they took baby care a step further by putting the jagged stitches outside instead of inside the shirt.


Nowadays, a design that is responsive and sensitive to the needs of customers conveys a deep sense of empathy that leads to brand trust and eventually brand loyalty.

I hope that Filipino baby brands would soon redesign their baby tags so we don’t have to worry about removing them anymore. After all, “malasakit” is a value deeply rooted in our culture.

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