Mom walking with a diaper backpack
Diaper bag life

Besides durability, the top two things you’d want for a diaper or your kid’s bag are: 

Compartments. There are so many essentials to carry along when you have a child. It helps to have a specific spot for quick retrieval of items because you wouldn’t want to dig through your pack for a wet wipe when your child has a major spit-up. As for our little boy, we’re training him to assign a place for everything, so he knows where to look.

Good compartments in a diaper bag
Different compartments for every item
The diaper bag also doubled as a travel and laptop bag. It has taken so much weight!

Weight. Always go for lightweight bags. You’ll probably bring more than a couple of things already, so it’s not a good idea to have a bag that’s a kilo on its own. Of course, don’t waste money on the flimsy ones, but the seemingly “heavy-duty” pieces aren’t much help either. 

Little boy going to school
Tikoy’s Bailey the Bat bag is from Skip Hop’s Zoo collection
Little school boy waiting to be fetched.
Waiting for his sundo

I had a couple of diaper bag changes before I landed on the best one that works for me, from the “pretty” ones that gave up on me even before my son turned one year old to a heavy one that’s sure to last a decade but lacked pockets and gave me shoulder aches. 

Buying Thai street food
You can adjust the length of the straps

We recommend Skip Hop! They have an excellent assortment of cute but functional kiddie bags and diaper bags, along with tumblers and utensils.

It’s lightweight enough for Tikoy to carry!

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