Our toddler is more active than ever and tends to get sweatier during play time so it’s important to keep his back dry to keep him comfortable and away from rashes. Of course, the essential lampin can do the job but it does have a knack of getting rolled up in the middle, or getting lost.

We’re spending more time outside so our boy can play.

As you know, we’re always looking for efficient items and we’re so happy that these seemingly small matters are remedied by smartly designed products like The Baby Project’s back towel. 

It comes in a cloth envelope that excites the tita in me!

Here’s what we love about it:

  1. It’s made with 100% cotton and terry cloth

Because of its material, it can absorb large amounts of sweat and can sit comfortably on our toddler’s skin. 

The Baby Project only uses 100% cotton and terry fabric for the towel side.
  1. It’s wide

This back towel is considerably larger than other brands we’ve tried so it has better coverage and can still be used as he grows.

  1. The flap keeps the towel in place

Since our toddler moves more, we tend to adjust his back towel (if not looking for it whenever it gets lost) a lot. This includes a flap that helps hold it in place. Although it still needs to be adjusted at times because of some of his activities, or when he pulls at it, we’re still glad that the work has been minimized by this little addition. 

We enjoy playing with our little boy. As we do, we like to ensure that he can move about by letting him wear comfortable clothes and using The Baby Project’s back towels. Order a set by sending them a message at @thebabyproject_ph!

You can also join our contest and win a set of three! Check our post at @themarkxabi!

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